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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Why does Break My Soul sounds immense in the context of the album? I’m obsessed.
    The run from Cozy to Break My Soul is just sublime i cannot cope with how much
    E N E R G Y this album has been giving me.
  2. One of my friends can't process that his album favorite Alien Superstar features a very prominent interpolation of a song he wouldn't be caught dead playing... nn it’s best not to discuss music with most locals outside of "bop!" of “flop!” levels of discourse and analysis.
  3. 2014

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    A pensioner (who has become a regular) came into work today and he usually asks to find obscure songs he's heard on the radio, well he burst out singing 'you won't break my soul' and I of course immediately knew it was Bey and I showed him the CD. He was ecstatic she was 'still around' and 'looking better than ever' while ogling the front cover. He bought it and then came back 5 minutes later to buy another copy because he knew his grandson would love it too. 2022 is ha year!
  4. What an album - I cannot stop playing it discovering new things every time. The only tiny issue I have is the second half of Virgo's Groove. The song goes on way too long, I find myself drifting off after the 4 minute mark - it just seems to go on and on with nothing new happening. Aside from that the rest of the album is flawless. Fave moment is in Cuff It - "I wanna go missing, I need a prescription, I wanna go higher" - those harmonies give me goosebumps every time.
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  5. I, personally, need a 15-minute version of "Virgo's Groove."
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  6. Yeah, I heard a local say ‘it sounds exactly like all her old stuff’. Like … do you possess ears. The idea that Beyoncé is someone who retreads old ground is literally nonsensical.
  7. Pull some strings and get this king a login now

  8. Officially thought I had heard every single part and layer of this and now just head a talkbox vocal in the middle of Virgo’s Groove for the first time. Starting to think it might never stop giving.
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  9. I could do with an extended version of the whole album to be completely honest
  10. Every section of Virgo's Groove offers something new. The call and response of the second chorus? Kills me every time.
  11. When she pulls a Grace Jones and releases an extended, clubbier dub edition that just features her stacked backing vocals
  12. I’m moist at the thought.
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  13. Iconic, it really does end too soon
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  14. The way the album just keeps revealing itself no matter how many times I’ve already listened to it. Layers beyond layers.
  15. Heated has been my absolute fave since the album came out but I honestly cannot get enough of Summer Renaissance. I think with a few more listens it might become my number 1.
  16. tea


    Your Renaissance era is so iconic
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  17. HMD


    I’m not adding anything new to the conversation but I still hadn’t posted how immense this album is.
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  18. I have one already
  19. Lost track of the amount of times I’m normally going through my day and at the slightest inconvenience like taking a turn too late on Waze or waiting for a Zoomer in a body suit to lazily cross a busy intersection and think to myself, “America? America has a problem.”
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