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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I am loving the Isley Brothers collaboration. Holy hell, how does Ronald Isley still sound so good at his age? Just to think he had his first hit in 1959 and is now working with Beyoncé in 2022! They sound exquisite together. I love her crystalline a cappella vocals on the outro.
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  2. Column 1, pic 4 is giving "Bailing Gaga out again and mad about it".
    Column 2, pic 2 is giving "Upgrade U, but the Birkins are in storage"
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  3. I just hope she has mercy to not drop them all on the same day.
  4. I hope she doesn’t show us mercy.
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  5. FYI, you’re a Hot Girl if ‘Heated’ is your fave.

  6. K94


    Bottom row 2nd


    Oh Giselle is coming
  7. It may be greedy but I honestly need visuals for every song, because I still can’t even begin to narrow down to just 3-4 faves I’d choose over the others. Everything here is exceptional.
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  8. She looks dead on like Solange with the diamond studded cowboy hat. When I Get Home teas!
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  9. That's wild... imagine sitting on that for 8 years
  10. She had a vision.
  11. Thinking what else she might be sitting on, just waiting for the right moment.

  12. God what else might be just sitting in the Parkwood vault? Drop a rarities collection as a surprise fourth act, Giselle!
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  13. Gah I love little anecdotes like that. The fact she’s been sitting on a song which is easily a career highlight for 8 years is just a testament to just how fucking good she is.
  14. "Thique" is so ahead of its time yet simultaneously of its time. I'm so glad she pulled it from the archives and gave it new life. It's really become a sleeper hit for me. I play it every chance I get.
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  16. I love the „that’s that summer, that’s them hummers“ moment, when her voice goes demonic baby voice, so much. And then the „all up in your miiiiind“ refrain creeping in before my favourite track on the album kicks in.
    I read it’s the least streamed of the new tracks, I don’t get why the locals don’t get it!

    Can’t stop playing the album!
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  17. So I guess there's some sort of story to the videos because when she opens the door, it looks like it flashes back to some sort of 80s aesthetic.

    Omg I can't wait for more.
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  18. No wonder her ass got thiquer.
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