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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. The Criterion release of Paris Is Burning is wonderful. There's over an hour of deleted footage!
  2. Oh thanks for the heads up! I mean HEATED continues to be THAT girl and I can’t help but think of all the queens turning it out to the outro rap 10 10 10 across the board!!
  3. Wait
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  4. ddd my limited edition vinyl turned up with corner dents and splits on the top and bottom, did anyone actually receive this in mint condition?
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  5. Mine arrived perfectly fine, but I feel like that might be the case for most US people?
  6. There are nearly two hours worth of extended and deleted material available on YouTube, also.

  7. The final run of songs is just relentless. By the time I get to ‘PURE/HONEY’ I’m already dead but Beyoncé makes sure she finishes me off for good with ‘SUMMER RENAISSANCE’ anyway.

  8. Seeing everyone in different parts of New York. Whew it was such a different time.
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  9. Mine was just a teensy dented on the corner but it was mostly fine. (US girl here.) At least the vinyl itself played flawlessly.
  10. You can't get no higher than:
  11. I always get slightly sad whenever I’m playing the record and I reach Virgo Groove cos I’m like “oh no, we’re nearing the end of the album, Wahh!” But then I remember I have Thique, America Has A Problem, Heated, Move, Pure/Honey and Summer Renaissance to look forward to and I’m happy again.
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  12. It's the way you listen when I'm crying, you let me leeeeeeeeeeeeean iiiin…
    It's the WAY you WANT one more kiss after you said you were leeeeeeeeeeeeeeaviiiin~

  13. But not ALL UP IN YOUR MIND?

  14. I know I will get skull dragged but I can give or take her. It depends on the moment!
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  15. The number of bears captioning their hairy ass pics with Thique lyrics.

  16. Cloque me!!
  17. AMERICA... America has a problem.

  18. Just... imagine being this p o w e r f u l, across space and time? Having a VAULT of years of unseen creative output you can access at any time to furnish your current artistic expression. What she has put in that vault already... what she might produce with it in future...

    I simply cannot!

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  19. She got me through my exercise this afternoon, it was hot as hell but this kept me going - especially 'Church Girl' which I emphatically mime along to without fail.
  20. Club Renaissance Berlin looks like it was LIT.

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