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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I heard from someone who was there that Solange was there, Beyonce wasn't. The drinks menu had fun names.

    TIL that Jay Z wrote on Alien Superstar, missed that.

    Oh my god!

  2. I saw people speculating when the album dropped that he probably wrote the second verse, which makes sense since Bey does seem to put on her best Brooklyn accent during it.
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  4. NO!
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  5. I love the way her voice is processed on AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM; it hits the sweet spot between robotic and seductive.
  6. We all know this but yeah, this is easily my album of the year with nothing else coming close. A triumph.
  7. ok where are the videos, enough

  8. same ki. I thought it would be M*t*m*m* but Renaissance snatched it bald.
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  9. This is pretty much tied with Preacher’s Daughter as my AOTY. Two very different meals, but equally filling.
  10. Yeah, it’s going to be an ugly battle for 2nd in my AOTY rankings but nothing is coming remotely close to this.
  11. In this day and age I'm guessing there must be a comprehensive list of all samples, interpolations, lyrical and musical references and allusions for Renaissance online somewhere?

    I don't just mean the official songwriting/production/sampling credits, but also things like the "Oooh la la las" in the Queens mix of Break My Soul which many interpret as a Deee-lite reference or that wonderful Easter egg in Cozy in which the colors in the lyrics align with those of the progressive Pride flag.
  12. Genius would probably have all that
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  13. I played mine yesterday and it does play perfectly too, that’s all that matters really!
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  14. I was there and if that passed me by shoot me. But nobody was talking about it even?

    One of the alcohol free options was called Blue Ivy now that was cute.
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  15. Heard Cuff It whilst out last night. Incredible.
  16. Yeah, hearing a bunch of the tracks out at a queer party the day after it was released was honestly a life moment!
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  17. Keeping the visual album fot much later after release is a genius, risky, power move. This way nobody can say that she smashed because of the visual element.
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  18. I'm always amazed at how TS Madison's sample is incorporated into "Cozy" in such a way that it feels like she's rapping to the beat.

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  19. One of the main reasons I tune into that track. Madison did that
  20. I hammered Future Nostalgia so much in 2020 that I literally could not stomach listening to it at all in 2021

    I keep worrying that the same is going to happen here but then I remember there is TWO MORE ACTS COMING so I can alternate

    Life is so good
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