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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. That Star Trek eleganza. Her influences know no bounds.
  2. Can we talk about it some more I’m not finished
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  3. I hope Act 2 isn't the visuals
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  4. Heated was brought to a whole new level today while listening to it by the pool on a beautiful and very heated Greek island.
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  5. Obviously could just be someone making it up but I swear it's been confirmed it is two more albums.
  6. I assume that since the teaser for the visuals had the “act i” card at the end, that the videos have nothing to do with the second act.
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  7. Me listening to nothing else but Preacher's Daughter and this

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  8. This is Beyonce we're talking about. I don't believe she's the type to release the album audio as one act and then have the visuals and the tour labeled as subsequent acts. That'd be too redundant.
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  9. It’s wild thinking she could have (probably does have) 2 other albums ready… and the sheer amount of confidence she must have in the whole trilogy to put out such a behemoth for Act 1…. It honestly scares me. So excited.
  10. I play this album every morning, she sprinkled a little something special in this because I'm obsessed..
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  11. I hope anyone who might have skipped The Gift or Everything Is Love is going back to appreciate them a bit more. Her spotlight tracks on the former contains some of her best ever material and the latter is opening itself up to me again after I admittedly didn’t give it enough love upon release. Both feel like an essential part of the journey to where we are since Lemonade. Loose and confident as fuck.
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  12. It’s the way Virgo’s Groove is over 6 minutes but doesn’t feel like a drag or too long , I actually never want it to end at all !
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  13. So good she did this all on her own with no feature people could declare being responsible. Also no TikTok ready music video, not bundle sales, just a few remixes. She did it. Beyoncé did it.
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  14. This feels really gratifying as a fan after those dumb ‘inorganic hit!!!’ accusations she’s had to put up with (not that she cares one bit dd) for basically a decade now. A solo smash!

    [Insert Mariah Carey ‘you can’t write off talent’ soundbite]
  15. The way my life is just time passing by in various days and nights which I can’t seem to recall after they ended. Yet this album is the steady factor that keeps me in a chokehold. She did that.
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  16. Agreed! I have never understood why people thought this would be the case. That doesn’t make any sense. It’s almost certainly going to be three albums.
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  17. It's been shared a few times now (this is the third time I've commented it nn), but she clearly states in the Renaissance liner notes that she recorded all 3 acts over the pandemic, so there's legitimately no way it could be the tour, and extremely unlikely it would be visuals-especially in the context of the way she wrote it, it indicates it will be 3 albums.
  18. The Gift was treated disgustingly by people, when it contains some truly incredible work. 'Other Side' especially!!!!
  19. Yeah, I feel like it has been repeated so many times at this point. I’m just gonna guess it’s because nobody believes she’s about to drop two more albums on us dd. We’ve been teased by artists with multi-part projects before that never come to fruition, but Beyoncé isn’t other artists.
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