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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Can she put Grown Woman on Spotify

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  2. She’s a Grown Woman. She can do whatever she want.


    The Platinum Edition not giving us that and the original Standing on the Sun remains her most heinous decision of that era.
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  3. I think the destiny’s child stuff will finally be culled. Homecoming seemed like the perfect cap
  4. There’s a DJ doing a Renaissance party in LA on Saturday. I’m about to get my life.
  5. I got a promotion today at work that I've been waiting a long time for, and Renaissance is helping me celebrate. Feels like the cherry on top of a good day.
  6. I just realized that "Church Girl" is as indebted to "Get Me Bodied" as it is her version of "Before I Let Go."

    Beyoncé is just so amazing in how self-referential she is when it comes to exploring sounds. She really pulls the threads of something she previously flirted with, while making it not sound like a retread or reheated leftovers. What a fucking artist.
  7. I can't get over how All Up In Your Mind has all the DNA to be a top tier Charli song but Bey goes in and completely makes it her own? I'm gobsmacked every time I listen. This album is incredible.
  8. God is real.
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  9. My Limited Edition vinyl arrived and it looks literally second hand. I wrote them and if they do not react I'll open a case with Mastercard. Way to destroy the excitement.
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  10. I can hear God.
  11. MJail on a church song dd
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  12. Still waiting for mine, not shipped yet. I wrote two emails and still nothing. I really want to cancel the order at this point. I’m fool and I didn’t use Payapl for once. How do you open a case with a credit card?
  13. I got a refund on the shipping!!!

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  14. Don’t spend it all at once!!
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  15. Kevin Aviance casually reading Harry Styles for filth in that interview is iconic.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. I loved reading that. It made me realise that when these songs are sampled it's as much a renaissance for the original artists as anything else.
  18. What kind of joke.
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