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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. What a great remix to get ready to!
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  2. Yaka, yaka, yaka, yaka
    Yaka, yaka, yaka, yaka
    Yaka, yaka, yaka, yaka
    Yaka, yaka, yaka, yaka (release the visuals)
    Release the visuals, release the visuals (ohh, let's go, let's go)
    Release the visuals, release the visuals (let's go, let's go, let's go)
    Release the visuals, release the visuals (ohh, let's go, let's go)
    Release the visuals, don't forget the visuals (ohh, let's go, let's go)
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  3. It's funny because it's TRUE!!!

    Happy to confirm that All Up In Your Mind has properly and officially clicked with me. It was a bit of an outlier (am I using that word right here?) for me but today at the gym while doing some crunches it somehow just all came together.

    On another note, only this week did I realise I was listening to the clean version of the album since release day. I had no idea Beyonce was saying cunt on this album?!
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  4. K94


    Now I need a Watch The Dereon album from my sistas
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  5. Beyoncé's different vocal layers on all the tracks truly make it so with each listen you notice something new, especially melodically.
  6. I'm probably premature given the visuals could change my interpretation of the songs, but I had a lot of fun daydreaming up a tour setlist yesterday:

    I’m That Girl / Bow Down (opener)
    Move (with elements of Grown Woman)
    Run The World (Girls)
    My Power

    MOOD 4 EVA (Interlude)

    Alien Superstar
    Church Girl / Get Me Bodied
    Single Ladies

    What’s It Gonna Be (Interlude)

    Energy -> Already
    Don’t Jealous Me (Dance Break Interlude)
    Cozy -> Flawless
    America Has A Problem

    Nasty Girl / Video Phone (Interlude)

    All Up In Your Mind
    I Care (Instrumental Transition)
    Plastic Off The Sofa (with elements of Speechless and 1+1)
    Virgo’s Groove
    Blow / Honey / Cherry

    Deja Vu (Interlude)

    Cuff It
    Before I Let Go
    Crazy in Love
    End of Time / Find Your Way Back

    Sexy MF (Interlude / Prince Cover)

    Summer Rennassaince
    Naughty Girl
    Break My Soul / Queens Remix Mashup
  7. Just know I roll with them goons (goons)
    In case you start actin' familiar
  8. They’ve edited the article and removed this ddd. Someone’s about to join the Amazon Italia intern in jail.

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  9. The cultural impact of this album

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  10. I can confirm there is indeed a disco horse at my local HomeGoods when we went this past weekend but no sign cause the locals are flops.
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  11. Then I Uzi that doozy

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  12. Fqas.gif
  13. Oh love this theory about act 3

  14. I’ve always maintained “Single Ladies” is a second-rate “Get Me Bodied,” but “Church Girl” is just as good.
  15. "Single Ladies" is played the fuck out, but I've always appreciated how weird some of the production is. When the vroom vroom synths start percolating, I vibrate a bit.
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  17. What if ACT II is a Collab album but with a diff artist on every track?
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