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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Why’d the Queens remix just make me cry?

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  2. The way Alien Superstar/“we make love a certain way” is literally the antithesis of…whatever he’s doing.
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  3. Is RENAISSANCE canonically anti-Harry Styles?

  4. tea


    Trying to keep up with the Harry lashings/Beyoncé praise and words like "antithesis" and "canonically" start popping up

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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. The way I went through three different ideas before it even crossed my mind this was about shitting on a dick.
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  7. His BBC Live Lounge "1+1" cover is surely imminent.
  8. "Stilettos kicking vintage crystal off the bar" is such a slick and evocative lyric.
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  9. Sometimes it feels like this album can’t be real.
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  10. Still feel like I’m gonna wake up and be pissed when I do
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  11. The way she sings, “Just you and me, and our family,” is the romantic moment of the whole album.
  12. This and porn are the only things getting me through my final uni year.

    I've just put Renaissance on after working on a paper from hell and I already feel so much lighter.
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  13. "Plastic Off the Sofa" is for the Singers, OK?

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  14. aux


    I don't think a day has gone by since this album came out that a line from "ALIEN SUPERSTAR" doesn't cross my mind.
  15. ALSO it's SO refreshing to have an album that's a decent length. With most modern albums they're nearly finished by the time I've driven to work, with this one I still have half left for my drive home.

    It's glorious, I'm so glad she's didn't do this whole ten two minute songs nonsense.
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  16. i need the visuals, b. i refuse to overplay the alberm until that drops, do we have tea on when we will get it? I'M GETTING HEATED.
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  17. That part in Heated when the drums drop back and that weird synth thing comes forward. Her mind.
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  18. I love my album of the year.
  19. This album genuinely rewired my brain. As soon as it came out I pulled myself out of a months long depressive episode and started tackling things I’ve been putting off for years. Maybe the conspiracy theorists were right about the pop star mind-control thing.
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  20. This has been me since it released?

    Like not to be extra but...I'm truly getting some shit together in my life and also seriously questioning and revaluating how much worth I put in myself and into others. It's really helped me look at the balance in all of the things around me. I listen to it every day almost as a soothing balm at this point, it eases my mind into a relaxed, playful and inquisitive state which has helped me enjoy and appreciate putting work into myself.

    It's also very clearly doing the work to heal a very anxious feeling about togetherness and people that I have had trouble shedding since covid, because of how this album really encapsulates togetherness, artistic expression and bringing people out to dance and sing with one another. People enjoying this work of art that she has made really helps combat the constant bombardment of apocalyptic bad news we face every day. Its fucking magic tbh!
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