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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. There's definitely a bunch of tracks I would call hip hop on this album (I'm That Girl, Energy, Thique)
  2. yes of course there are some blends with different styles but the overall mood is dance music
  3. Did I mention recently how much Heated relieves me of the burden my shoulders have carried unbeknownst even to myself so that I feel a new, lighter sense of joy?
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  4. The way her 'No' in America Has a Problem has replaced my own internal dialogue nn
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  5. Boy you can't get no hiiiiigheEEEEerrr than this

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  6. Not that already setting the stage for Adele’s album of sad ass retreads of 21 to be dragged mercilessly if it dares to come out on top at the Grammys.
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  7. Not me scanning over the first link and thinking it said act ii was a Christmas album.

    Regarding the second one; Adele's album even being in a category with RENAISSANCE is a joke, let alone being actual competition.
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  8. If true, Act III will drop April/May of next year. Gimme that Taurus szn album.
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  9. Are there many memes using it yet?

    Beyoncé to her dog when it jumps on guests, Beyoncé when Blue asks for the tenth time if her friends can sleep over, etc.!
  10. Which would corroborate the rumour someone posted earlier about her spying UK stadium dates around May time.

    (I wish she'd do September here instead - this show deserves a damn light show, and daylight in the UK lasts so long from May - Aug.)
  11. The way I actually wish I had more cleaning and chores to do today because this album makes things easier to accomplish. She bring it to you every laundry day!
  12. Okay… so…. I might have spent the last week thinking I didn’t like this album because the one time I half listened on my drive to work

    I was wrong
    Very wrong

    So much wasted time
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  13. The inspiration for the Christmas album:
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  14. My theory is that she'll release one album for every Grammy eligibility period. We'll get Act II before September 2023 in time for the 2024 Grammys (let's say in April/May before the tour starts) and Act III in late 2023 so that it can run for the 2025 Grammys.
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  15. I don't think she'll wait that long for either. Act 2 coming before the end of this year makes sense, with Act 3 following in spring 2023 in time for a Summer tour.
  16. Well, it's Friday.

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  17. The rap in Heated - the lyric is "on my MPC, making disco trap".

    The vocal has an echo/reverb on it. For some reason I always hear "crap" in the vocal even though it's clearly "trap" in the echo. Is it just me?
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  18. Yes dd
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