I also really love the viral moments coming out from this album. Seeing the songs put into different contexts via memes, dance videos, and party footage is really cool. I can’t really think of an album in the last few years that has gripped people like this has, at least from my POV.
I saw a TikTok a couple of weeks back that mentioned that B possibly just wanted it to be all about the music and to let it speak for it's self (itself?) and I get what they meant!
As much as I want to know when the visual drops I want to know when she will first get on a stage and perform one of the songs. I really want to see her doing her thing in a live setting. Things are mostly back to normal but the artist I'd instantly pay for a Studio 2054 style stream thingy right now is obviously Bey.
Have these been posted yet? The hive has reached rock bottom.