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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. and neither can beyonce

    mama where tf are the visuals
  2. 'Cuff It' has entered the Global Top 30 on Spotify, breaking 2 million daily streams. It's also still growing on TikTok, now pulling nearly 40,000 creations a day - that's around what 'About Damn Time' was doing in early May, and within 10 days, it was doing triple that. It’s exceeded over 1 billion views on the platform.

    The visuals might be M.I.A. but Ms. Cuff It really said you guys are in a crisis I'm on my way.
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  3. ADM


    Heated has crept up on me and infected me like Cuff It done only 2 or 3 weeks ago, I'm sure another song will do the same after and after that. We're gonna be here awhile, but I'm buckled in.
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  4. Very pleased that my Top 2 might be effortlessly smashing ("CUFF IT" and "HEATED", obvi!).
  5. I'm going to need Alien Superstar to take off on Tik Tok once Cuff It is #1 globally. Then Virgo's Groove, then Heated. Then Virgo's Groove again.
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  6. You forgot about Virgo's Groove.
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  7. Cozy is also an easy hit.
  8. Finally listening to this. The chorus on Alien Superstar is rapturous.
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  10. Fuck this album is so good. Excellent, in fact. Usually I'm not a fan of braggadocio because the artists always sound like they're desperately trying to convince themselves but all of those moments work so well on this album because Beyonce sounds so commanding. The vocals on this album are insane. There's a certain looseness to it all that keeps your attention as a listener. For the first two songs (combined with already hearing Break My Soul), I thought the sound would be too cohesive, but there's plenty of sonic variety. I love how she manages to mix fun with something to say. For a lot of underachieving music, there's this "well, it's supposed to be fun" excuse. Beyonce proves that you can have lofty ambitions and provide likely the most fun album of the year. There are so many clever lyrics too. The production on All Up In Your Mind is fire (as well as the outro to America Has A Problem). It's not the best song on the album but it might be my favorite (Church Girl or Plastic On the Couch is probably my least favorite). The second half of Pure/Honey is also ear candy. Those horns! I love how the album has the swag of 6 Inch Heels but sustained across 16 songs.

    *Also, the I Feel Love interpolation on Summer Renaissance is genius. Another favorite.
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  11. How was the coma?
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  12. I didn't listen to it because I thought the quality of it would make me even more depressed about my own album. Which it did but the amazing music counteracted that.
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  13. You'd drop everything for Beyoncé, surely?
  14. Not if he was under contract by the time the call came, which as I understand was very last minute.
  15. You know… all these songs… sound good.

    And I totally agree with the looseness feeling, it feels like a lot of the album was done freestyle and improvising but at the same time the music is so detailed, layered and intricate. She really delivered the best of both worlds, deadass.
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  16. Listened again. Noticed even more cool production flourishes and witty lines. Not one of them is corny. She has Rihanna-like powers of resisting corniness.

    I'm tempted to go on Urban Dictionary and write under the term "black excellence":

    Black excellence: a term that refers to the work of black artists whose quality far outstrips that of their underachieving white peers. Black excellence can encompass everything from music to literature to the ability of black voters to see that Donald Trump is a conman when white voters people simply cannot manage to spot a grift. Black excellence is good for the soul but it can be dangerous because it gets the fans of milquetoast white art and entertainment pressed and distressed. Only introduce black excellence to people who are ready to receive it. Some examples of black excellence are Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man," Outkast's "Aquemini," Lil Nas X's output both musically and on social media, and Beyonce's "act 1 RENAISSANCE."


    “Demi Lovato delivered the album of the year.”

    “Nah, sis. It’s a good little pop record but act 1 RESSAISSANCE is black excellence.”
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  17. This is your daily reminder that HEATED is the best song she has ever recorded. HEATED is the best song of all time. HEATED is refusing to leave my brain the day I heard it. HEATED needs a video.

    LIBERATED - living like we ain't got time!- every single listen gives me new quotes. I just love this song so damn much. And when it gets to the Tip tip tip on hardwoods floors part till the end, my soul leaves my bodeh. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    I love HEATED.

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  18. A sensible decision. The track has also moved up to B-List on Radio 1.
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