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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I love Church Girl but strike while the iron is hot. I want smash smash smash off this album chartwise.
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  2. I remember when the album dropped and people were saying stuff like "yeh, BREAK MY SOUL is the only possible single from this album" and "other songs are too weird and bizarre for radio airplay".

    While, now, almost three months later, most people who listened to this glorious record seem to agree that ALL THESE SONGS SOUND GOOD. When Beyoncé is preaching, listen!
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  3. Also, for those of you who are interested, the album is now available in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, Tidal Hi-Fi Plus, and Amazon Music HD.
  4. I heard Cuff It on the radio for the first time tonight and I literally gasped and exclaimed "YES" in the middle of the supermarket fff

    But finally honestly!
  5. Yeah Cuff It is blowing up, it’s been all over radio here.
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  6. In response to Cuff It's organic success Parkwood is going to send Plastic off the Sofa to pop radio [​IMG]
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  7. I am happy for "Cuff It" but if she eventually abandons giga-smash in the waiting "Alien Superstar"...

  8. Apple Music has released this in Dolby Atmos and I am strapping in for it to sound awful.
  9. Nn I'm glad the album is an undeniable masterpiece that can carry itself because this campaign is extremely disjointed behind the scenes
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  10. Okay I spoke too soon. CUFF IT in spatial audio...

  11. PREACH. Alien Superstar just SCREAMS single.
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  12. Every time I put this on I'm still shocked at how exceptional it is from front to back. Imagine thinking this somehow wasn't the best album of the year. Just a stupendous, confident, inspired body of work.
  13. Alexa, why are Atmos tracks mastered quietly and accordingly go less hard?
  14. WHY tease I’m That Girl video…. Only to give us nothing??

    Something must be going on
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  15. Went to dinner in a Thai restaurant/bar in Dublin tonight and they played Cuff It. A global organic hit!
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  16. It’s doing really well in Ireland at the moment!

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  17. I wonder what’s the deal with this behind the scenes? Is Bey working on other projects?
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