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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Extended version of her recent collaboration with the Isley Brothers:

  2. I can't get over how unexpected but how right that I Feel Love interpolation is.
  3. For me it’s almost how expected it is but still how right it is but I’m also an enormous Donna summer fan
  4. For me it's the perfect combination of expected and inventive.
  5. It's so important that Cuff It succeeds because we desperately need a new locals-approved global smash that's actually good to fight back against Uptown Funk, Happy, Shape of You, etc.

  6. I went to lots of local bars and clubs this summer and Crazy In Love was the biggest crowd pleaser, like the biggest cheers dd
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  7. Hearing Cuff It on radio 2 this morning really turned my morning around after being super depressed getting to work and realising I was short staffed
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  8. A Dolby Atmos version has been uploaded.
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  9. There’s something about Beyoncé’s second singles … Baby Boy, Irreplaceable, Single Ladies, Drunk In Love… Cuff It is coming to pop her puss with the other girlies
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  10. BTG


    Girls, I’m as suspect as anyone about the lack of visuals (although she’s clearly waiting until they’re all edited and ready to go rather than dropping one for Break My Soul) but you’re all doing a bit much about what’s going on behind the scenes.

    She’s had her first solo Billboard #1 since 2008, another #1 album and then after having chosen a second single, has quickly course corrected and is now backing the track that listeners are responding to most.
  11. You know what she could release?

    Th acapellas and instrumentals. That would be as exciting as the visuals for me. I want to lap up every little meticulous detail.

    I still think ‘Church Girl’ would make a great single
  12. Irreplaceable was the third single though, wasn’t it?
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  13. In the US yes. Also Single Ladies was a a double A side with If I Were a Boy no?
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  14. Whenever any track of the album plays in a playlist or somewhere, I get the urge to play the full album right after it. Something I will always give in to. A blessing.
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  15. Ring the Alarm always seems to be forgotten which is wrong because it's iconic
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  17. Please release the visuals!

  18. Love this
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