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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I still can’t believe Beyonce released this album. Do I need therapy? IM STILL NOT OVER IT
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  2. Virgo’s Groove doesn’t even feel like it’s 6 minutes long. If anything, it should be 6 minutes longer.
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  3. I've said it before but I badly need extended cuts of every song on the album. Release the stems B!!
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  4. Promoting Solange, Alien Superstar and Cozy at the same time.

    No wonder there aren’t any visuals. Queen is busy!
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The lack of visuals is one thing, but no performances either is making me itch.

    @Beyoncé I've been as limitless as I can be in my expansive listening journey or whatever the fuck your press-release said, can we please have a crumb now

  6. Not she posting her Instagram slideshows on tiktok now
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  7. That post… Beyoncé (read: the Parkwood digital person) has such a particular diction. Wig.
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  8. Bet you you'll see far
    (ooooooooh ooooooh)
    Bet you you'll see stars
    Bet you you'll elevate
    (ooooooooh ooooooh)
    Bet you you'll meet God
    cuz I feel like fallin' in LOVE
    I'm in the mood to fuck something up

    kinda the best 15 seconds on the alboom, yeah
  9. Not when this exists:

    Fan me quick, girl, I need my glass
    Fan me off, my wrist goes "click"
    Dimples on my hip, stretch marks on my tits
    Drinking my water, minding my biz
    Monday, I'm overrated, Tuesday, on my dick

    There's just too many iconic moments on this album for me to pick a favourite though dd

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  11. Do I want visuals? Yes! Do I want her to do anything to push Cuff It? Yes! Does none of tht matter now that Bey has silenced all the bop///she can’t chart anymore crowd? Yes, and it warms my soul.
  12. #11 on US Apple Music… She’s gonna have to try harder to make this song flop

  13. But what IF she is involved with the Yeezy show tomorrow?
  14. The same hetty at work who told me her favourite Beyoncé song was Check On It a few months ago just mentioned Cuff It is now her favourite and she's going to listen to the album later.

    We WON.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. If her first public appearance of this era is at a Yeezy show… she’ll be lucky this album exists to save her from damnation. I can take the no visuals but I have limits.

  17. Yes, but conflicting. The more smashes that reach the locals, the more feral I'm going to need to be to get tour tickets.

    I'm sorry, but there at least needs to be a pre-sale dedicated to those of us who took the free trial of Tidal just to enjoy 'Formation' I'm sorry there does!!! Bare minimum!!!
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  18. Special VIP discount for those of us that repeatedly listened to spliced, diced and riced bootleg versions of Standing on the Sun.
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