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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. An exclusive seating area with immaculate views and an open bar for those of us who continue to make excuses as to why we still have no visuals.

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  2. pdf


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  4. A check box on the ticketmaster form to ask whether you tried to get into the club early. "No, Beyonce!" as your computer gets scanned for mp3s.
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  5. Here's the full Tiffany's video. At least she sings into a mic at some point!
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  6. ADM


    But how does she look like she's in the Naughty Girl video from TWENTY years ago!
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    My mind immediately went to Naughty Girl too!

    It looks SO GOOD. Why does she refuse to just give us one full-length video

  8. K94




    I won't say we're eating before Giselle thinks we're full, but this is a very good start.
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    I can't take this anymore. And if see ANOTHER Insta-reel from her before the visuals for Renaissance...

  10. Beyonce is a sadist. But like any abused child that has streamed the entirety of Renaissance at a minimum of once per day since release, I keep coming back for more.
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  11. That was incredible. I’m dying for the visuals now, she looks like she’s having so much fun! This tour will be off the scale.
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  12. This is barely an appetizer. A crumb, if you will. But I've been starving for months, so I will cherish this morsel. Thank you, Giselle.
  13. Why do I feel like this was all for a different track and then they decided to do it for Cuff It hence her lipping for two seconds.
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  14. Yeah the lipping was definitely OFF.
  15. This makes me sick, I want more!
  16. Yeah it was probably for Break My Soul dd
  17. The Atmos version of this is horrific. There’s no way she approved it.
  18. The Tiffany visuals are.... fine? I mean, she looks beautiful and it's cool the way her dress catches the light as she dances, but for such a bold and thrillingly inventive album, the visuals are kind of.. generic and expected.

    I thought the earlier Tiffany teaser videos (guess they weren't teasing... anything?) were far more visually interesting and felt less improvised than the B&W video.

  19. I mean, it is a commercial at the end of the day. Last thing the brand wants is you to be so distracted you don't even notice her jewelry. I have faith we will get more interesting stuff on the other songs.
  20. I've listened to this album so much whenever Cuff It plays in public I get frustrated because I subconsciously expect Energy to play straight after fff

    Not every album has that!
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