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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. There’s really no jumping off point (that includes the seamless loop back around after Summer Renaissance), I mean arguably there’s that 0.5 seconds after Break My Soul but that’s about it
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  2. More gains for ‘Cuff It’! Up to #23 globally on Spotify, with over 2.2m streams yesterday. Big gains in France and Brazil.

    It’s really coming. Radio impacts in the US today - up 7 to #54 on the Hot 100, but with radio now in the picture, momentum will really gain.

    ‘Break My Soul’ has also now exceeded 200m streams, and all tracks from the album are now above 20m.
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  3. pdf


    I think the actual music promo will be cut slightly differently so it's doesn't scream "ADVERT"
  4. ADM


    We all know this is a video with Beyonce in it not a Beyonce video, right?
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  5. It is kinda nice she's allowed the music to do the work without the visuals. It proves the strength of the music itself is enough sometimes.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

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    I was worried they would replace it with a second copy of the collectors' edition since I saw that happening to people on Twitter, but they found a copy of the limited-edition! It arrived yesterday and though less fancy, it was packed well and came undamaged. I've now officially bought this album three times and tbh...fair!
  7. We are starved and emaciated let us live!
  8. I'm not gaslighting myself into the "I don't need visuals" type anymore, because it would be nice to get them soon, BUT I will say a sort of uniquely positive outcome of not having the visuals yet for me is that now when I hear these songs I don't immediately think of the lewks or choreo she's serving, instead I think of dancing with my friends, long drives to work, summer cookouts and where I've been, who I've been with during all the moments this album has brought me joy. That's a lot of moments and some great memories.
  9. the memes

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  10. The way this album will always remind me of travelling to Turkey for my hair transplant because I listened to it multiple times on the plane rides and on repeat during surgery ffff
  11. Giving you new hair while snatching your wig at the same time. Impact.
  12. I fully believe she snapped my old and tired roots clean off on the way there in order to make way for my new ones, icon.
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  13. Forgive me gay gods, for I have cursed...
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  14. When the album first came out there was that clip of a woman in the middle of a spinning wheel at the fairground while Alien Superstar played over the top. That got stuck in my head for weeks. I can't find it now though! Does anyone know the one I'm talking about?
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  15. The visuals are the memories we made along the way! An icon!
  16. I wanna be sissy
    I wanna be sissy
    I wanna be sissy in thy will
  17. Another crumb added to Facebook: E1721BFA-E3FE-46B8-B3C9-5DF96FB0C7FB.jpeg
  18. She posted a new video on IG

    It's a Tiffany's ad
  19. I'm falling down a rabbit hole again, but visuals would make so much sense this Friday with the vinyl release and all this Summer Renaissance teasing.
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