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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Looks like it was just slightly delayed. Looks fine in her insta.
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  2. Give me Virgo's Groove mv NOW
  3. Impact my screen too please.
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  4. The success of “Cuff It” feels like justice for “Countdown” and “End of Time.”
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  5. End Of Time really is the earth shattering number 1 that got away.
  6. Radio will bleep the many many fabulous F's though I think?
  7. There’s already a clean version of the song.

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  8. Give me the dirty version please.
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  9. Still a massive bop, but nah.

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  10. I mean, that’ll obviously be the radio version ddd.
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  11. YES! I still remember the joy of hearing Cuff It on my first life altering listen and the sheer giddiness my 4 stanning self felt!!
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  12. What an incredible era for her so far. I would not be surprised to see Cuff It at the very least being top 10 in the US in the future. Imagine if it actually became her 2nd #1 off the album?! That would be the first time since 2003!
  13. Cuff It could be a #1 if she wants to. We know she will actively work against that. Watch it being pulled from all streaming services bar Tidal the week it has the chance to reach the top.
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  14. Still a bop censored!
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  15. The way my two favourite tracks from this album currently (Heated and Cuff It) were both the songs I originally didn't vibe as much on first listen (they were nines awash in a sea of tens) is honestly so iconic to me.
  16. Im glad your seeing the light: they’re 11s not 9s
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  17. The same thing has happened to me, Plastic Off the Sofa was my least favourite and now I love it.

    I'm also still discovering new vocals/parts of the songs that passed me by on earlier listens which is insane considering I've been listening to the entire album almost daily since it dropped.
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  18. This album is peerless. Every song is essential. Every song is inventive and daring. Whew she excelled her own levels of perfection.
  19. pdf


    100%. I have a real fear that subsequent acts will inevitably disappoint.
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