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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Your man's staring.
  2. It seems impossible to keep this quality up but I thought the same a couple times now with Bey and here we are yet again.
  3. I’ve been the same ever since self titled. Like “how on earth is she going to top this, where can she go from here” and she continuously pulls it out the bag and ELEVATES.
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  4. The thing is that when she puts her mind to something, she does it - especially in the last decade or so of her career. Inevitably people are going to connect more to some parts of her work than others, but it's going to be one hell of an interesting ride.
  5. AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM on Dolby Atmos is a complete revelation.

    All songs on the album benefit from it, but on this and also ALIEN SUPERSTAR and SUMMER RENAISSANCE are able to take you somewhere else.
  6. Her lead vocal is basically in the background, though! It’s one of those Atmos albums that sounds like it was mixed with stem separation software as opposed to using the real stems. The lead vocal should always be mono, even in a 7.1 mix.
  7. Another one.
  8. Must be mad “ALIEN SUPERSTAR” isn’t a single already because:
  9. I mean.... Alien Superstar does something Taylor and Drake's interpolations didn't do, and that's take out all the kitsch, wink, and frankly, the tackiness from the melody and turn it into something completely different. They should consider themselves blessed and humbled.
  10. It’s the racism and misogynoir for me.
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  11. They can die, quite frankly.
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  12. I'm not clicking on anything from NY Post but if I remember correctly they've been credited on the song since the day the album dropped so it's a bit weird to complain now
  13. They're complaining Bey didn't contact them before hand. Lolol. She didn't have to. Also Taylor and Drake's songs borrowed heavily off Sexy, Bey only uses it once in a song with other 67 hooks. And if their publishers agreed the deal was done.
  14. They would’ve said yes anyway. The way people use Beyoncé’s name just to get attention. They are mad because it won’t bring in as much money as they thought.
  15. Imagine if she just removes the verse entirely just out of spite. RIP Said Fred.
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  16. Something in my pvssy tells me something's coming tomorrow. It HAS to
  17. Alien Superstar is one of the best on the album. The chorus is just too fucking good.
  18. no its true its true. something shifted.
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