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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. This is her first album since Sasha Fierce to feature two UK top 10 singles. Crazy.
  2. Imagine what she'd have if she actually tried!
  3. Amazon shipped the vinyl in PRISTINE condition. Not one seam split, perfectly packaged. Gorgeous packaging through and through. Having the album cover this size is stunning.
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  4. Presently agonizing over the fact that not one of the 369 seconds in “Virgo’s Groove” could be cut for a radio edit.
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  5. After several projects where she gave us everything at once and now this...

    I'm so used to recieving and she won't give us anything.
  6. Inhales, long sigh what if we don’t get visuals till all three acts are completed and she uses for a Trilogy Box Set that kills us upon opening it.
  7. I am still obsessed with their vocal exchange on this. It's honey for the ears.

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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The limited-edition vinyl is definitely cute with its alternate artwork, but the collectors' edition is an entire package. I've mentioned this multiple times, but it's her best vinyl package. It has such detail that even BEYONCÉ and LEMONADE can't compare to it with even their video additions - there's such a level of care and finesse to the package overall that shows how much she values the album itself. Even @ $43 it feels entirely appropriate.

    It's her best album. There's no doubt about it.
  9. I really feel scammed with that limited artwork edition ddd
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I mean the limited is going for $71-90 on Discogs, and the collectors' version is going for $40. I think you'll be fine.
  11. I forget the resale market for vinyls is wild, I should hang out in Vinyljustice more.
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  12. Honestly same. The fact the standard comes with the book and non-busted packaging. We LOST.
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  13. I like it
    I love it, babyyYyyYyyYyyyy
    I like it, baby
    I like it, I love it, babyyYyyyYyyYYyyy
    I like it, baby
    Yeah, I like it, oh, like it
    I like it, yeah
    I liiiiIiiiiiiiiIiiiiIIIiiiiike, I like it, baby
    I like it, baby...

  14. ...And I am officially back to being obsessed with Renaissance.

    Her best album. Top-to-bottom excellence. Consistent brilliance. The hyperbole is earned here.
  15. When an album is so good it deserves visuals but it's also so good that the lack of visuals is somewhat justifiable because the songs feel like they don't require any extra elevating. How does she even do this?
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  16. Nah I’m greedy, I need visuals as well. Album is 10/10 but good lord give us something already!
  17. Playing CUFF IT during a houseparty yesterday and it went OFF, everyone loved it.
  18. Cuff It is #14 on Spotify Global, #7 in the UK and #17 in the USA. It's coming to be a bigger hit than Break My Soul.
  19. Cuff It will end up her biggest song since Halo

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