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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I mean I also doubt she would make videos VR exclusive but this quote is funny.
  2. It's giving Minidisc
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  3. Clean version is on streaming. Just search the album
  4. Last rumour, apparently from the source that got it right with Harry Styles, tipped Nov 25th as either the announcement or release date.
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  5. The same lady who made Formation a Tidal exclusive?
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  6. The VR stuff sounds VERY cool but yeah, it's not easily accessible...
  7. Yes because Blue is now her manager.
  8. I would love it if she did something akin to the Björk Digital exposition, opening up the opportunities and offering an immersive virtual reality in a more accessible way. It won't happen but still, access is key in these kind of innovations - concerts are already expensive as fuck, it would not be fair to the fans releasing something as important as the visuals that only a few could afford.

    A streaming service deal, a phone app
    a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide community 00 “the auras.”
    , a website,... all of that are good ideas that help expand the visual world into an experience without alienating your fanbase. But then again it's all speculation.
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  9. 1 million US sales and just reached 1 billion global Spotify streams! It should overtake Lemonade on Spotify shortly, and it ranks her as the second female artist with most albums over that threshold on the platform (7).
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  10. Me nodding and pretending like I understand any of this VR drama gigorama

  11. LTG


    That’s it on Spotify. I’ve had it bookmarked in case there are occasions where the explicit wouldn’t be appropriate.
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  12. She’s cute and my preferred version dd I don’t know why, I’m not super conservative or anti explicit lyrics or anything. As long as I’m enjoying this masterpiece it’s all good

  13. For the first 2 weeks or so I though this was the only version... then I were in a club and Pure/Honey went on and I was like "what the hell?!" and I found out about the not-clean version.
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  14. Same. Spotify in Apple Carplay would always default to the clean version and the edits were so well done I had no idea I was listening to the clean version for the first few weeks of the release. Finding the explicit version was like discovering a delightfully dirty bonus album.
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  15. I saved the clean version and went to a beach with no signal dd. A torturous 8 hours.
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  16. My dance class does a routine to Cuff It and even after hearing it multiple times for weeks I'm still not used to hearing the clean lyrics.
  17. This was me! The first few weeks I thought she was legit saying “Money Money to the left…bad bad…to the right” I was here thinking “hmm odd lyrics but the song goes off so it doesn’t bother me too much.

    My husband then told me there was an explicit version and then I hear all this talk of cunt and bitches…and it all made sense!
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  18. New albums have come and gone since this was released, and yet it’s this I continuously find myself coming back to.
  19. Where



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