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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. She’s really doing a rollout with this. Wow! Consider my wig already orbiting
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  2. OH MY GOD.
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  4. GIRLS.
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  5. Well I ordered box number 4.

  6. Her 'Bey This Way' is incoming
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  7. Just in time for her to get on the Government Hooker remix (bass boosted).
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  8. This picture


    This description

    We're in for a FEAST
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  9. One thing about B that I always appreciate is how every single photoshoot of hers makes me feel like I'm the poorest piece of trash in this world. Yas mama slay etc
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  10. Holy shit
  11. A Beyoncé dance record. Literally the stuff of dreams, I can’t even begin to process this information
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  12. Might as well just let Peter shut down the forum now because we'll all be dead in a month and a half.
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  13. Beyoncé On The Dance Floor? YES!
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  14. I’m gagged. This will be nothing short of massive.
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  15. Sam


  16. I’m literally pissing myself
  17. I'm dead. Queuing with particular fanbases is the worst. No one bother me while my brown ass is waiting to get into Tottenham please!

    I'm such a loner I'm going on my own so I'm glad I have a Renaissance to keep me company dd
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  18. I can't wait to see the tracklist omg.. Please have some tasty collabs
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