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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Whilst on a yacht in Croatia?

  2. 100% going to be featured on an interlude on the tour.
  3. Of course the designer who made a huge fuss online about Beyonce's team not paying him in a desperate bid for clout is now being outed as a serial sex pest.

    What a creep.
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  4. They were edited frame by frame. And no I have no idea when they’re coming out, but a friend who works for her says they’re done.
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  5. I’ll take it!!!
  6. The editors when they hit render on after Bey's last round of amends.

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  7. When Beyoncé releases them frame by frame too just to fuck with us.
  8. According to my Spotify Unwrapped, Beyonce is my top artist, I’m that girl is my top song and I have amazing taste in music “xxx”
  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I mostly use Apple Music on my commute to/from work but kii @ "CHURCH GIRL" becoming my biggest song of the year and RENAISSANCE dominating everything else. I guess it mostly tracks streaming and not any local library files?
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  10. Me too! And, not to brag, but I'm also apparently within the top 2% of all her listeners on Spotify. I guess you could say I'm... UNIQUE!
  11. Rolling Stone has declared Renaissance as the best album of 2022.

    “With Renaissance, Beyoncé achieved a feat she didn’t quite manage with her last few albums: universal critical acclaim as well as a major Number One hit in “Break My Soul.” It feels like just rewards for an album that unabashedly celebrates Black pleasure in all its multitudes and illustrates that theme with dozens of sampled voices and sounds, esteemed guests (Grace Jones!), and echoes to global club styles past and present. As is customary for her, she layers the album with enough totems to fuel a million thinkpieces and dissertations. Yet it’s also possible to simply dance and vibe to the music. This is Beyoncé at her joyous peak, and you won’t “get” it unless you pull the “plastic off the sofa,” “drop it like a thottie,” and enjoy an incredible collection of music.”

    Failed to mention she would've absolutely cleared #1 with 'Formation' had she not FUCKED AROUND with its release, but I can forgive them for this rightful pole position.
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  12. She was my 2nd most played artist of the year. And Break My Soul was the song of my autumn.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. She was my second most played artist and Cuff It, Alien Superstar and All Up In Your Mind were my 2nd, 3rd and 4th most played songs, as they should be.
  15. As much as I don't care for Rolling Stone, I do respect them for not trying to be cute and deny the obvious.
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  16. She's waiting until the 16th to drop the first visual, then we're getting one for each song everyday until December 31st and Act II is dropping on January 1st

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  17. I’m listening to the album start to finish for the first time in at least a week (longest stretch yet!) and I’m choked up before COZY” -whose second verse just wow mind of a mastermind- she really is on another level.
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  18. What if we -- just for a year -- banned straight men from voting for Album of the Year?

    What if we ban them from voting for... anything?
  19. [​IMG]

  20. Visuals on New Years Day will send this to #1 once the Christmas freeze is over.
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