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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. In theory I guess, but it shows there are concrete plans? I dunno, let me cling to this and live dd
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  2. At least we have a truly amazing album, who needs tour news or visuals to complete the experience?
    Okay no seriously what is she waiting for listening to this album got me through my hair transplant and by the time we get any tour announcements or visuals I'LL BE DUE A SECOND ONE
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  3. I thought on here people especially would appreciate that sentiment, not deride it. I appreciate and yearn for the visual aspect too of course, but I get a lot just listening to the music because it's that strong.
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  4. I mean, I get along listening to B-day, 4, BEYONCÉ, Lemonade because all of them are that strong, still. Even with videos.

    Renaissance is not a better album because she gave us the great gift of listening without images. One thing doesn't have anything to do with the other.

    If that is what it takes to make people appreciate an album more, close your eyes then.
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  5. 'Cuff It' has now surpassed 'Break My Soul' on Spotify streams. Crazy.

    Renaissance has surpassed Lemonade on Spotify, and won't be far off catching up with both B'Day and Dangerously In Love.
  6. Alien Superstar has also crossed 100 million streams, as the best song of the year deserves!
  7. Since the topic has come up again, quoting my posts from *checks date* 3 months ago to stand in solidarity with the 'it's okay that there are no visuals' crowd.

    I think it's fair to say that visuals have become an intrinsic part of mainstream pop music consumption, and certainly an intrinsic part of what we have come to expect from Beyoncé. BUT, I don't think it's fair at all to imply that visuals should be an intrinsic part of pop music. At the end of the day, it's music, an album, and whether intentional or not, I find it really cool that Beyoncé is bucking the trend she herself spearheaded and forcing people to consume the music product differently. And even harkening back to the old disco days; I mean, did Donna Summer have music videos? (I actually don't know but I don't think so!)

    Plus, I was just thinking this morning how Black is King came about... an entire FILM-- and in my opinion, her best visuals yet-- 1 year after The Gift was released, which completely breathed new life into that project and stood on its own. Who knows, maybe we'll get something similar with Renaissance. But Beyoncé always has something up her sleeve and it's never what anyone expects and I fucking love that!

    But hey I guess I'm just delusional / gaslighting myself / stockholm syndroming / quirky
  8. yes.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Both self titled and Lemonade releases were so perfectly executed so I have faith whatever she has planned for this era will be worth the wait. I'm expecting her to gag us.
  11. Only Beyonce could have people genuinely arguing that we're better off without visuals. Her power is scary.
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  12. I don’t think anyone said we were better off. Just trying to appreciate the break from the norm. Unique~ etc
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  13. I mean, from the woman that basically made the visual album a thing, it's kind of poetic that she is making the album with absolutely no visual a thing too now, don't you think?
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  14. No.
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  15. I need the tour dates more than the vizooalz.
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  16. I assume they will go hand in hand now? Or at least that would make sense. Couldn't imagine anything being a better sales boost than the videos. Although in the end she wouldn't need a boost. But the hype would be huge.
  17. I wouldn’t mind at last seeing the lead single that came out in June be performed somewhere
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  18. No because I personally need her to wait for me to save up, so no Tour Dates until March 2023 at the very least thank you guys for your patience and understanding!
  19. I do still need the visuals to come at some point though, I mean why deprive other senses?
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  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    It’s great for her that the material has been received so well that no visuals hasn’t hurt the impact, but let’s not pretend it’s innovative or fantastic that she hasn’t provided them when we know they exist. It wasn’t a good thing when Taylor Swift delivered a version of this with the reputation era, just frustrating as a consumer of pop culture to have its most massive star refuse to engage with the media or the fans. I’m not sitting here chewing my hands off because the visuals aren’t out but it’s annoying to think of how much pop culture impact we’ve been deprived of since Break My Soul was released, that’s all.
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