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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Could we be in for the first single and video tonight?
  2. BTG


    Jesus Christ.
  3. Literally shaking and crying from all of this.

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  4. The only thing that makes tonight unlikely is Chloe, otherwise I think this would be the perfect moment.
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  5. RMK


    She can release the same day as Chloe. Both artists are in two totally different positions.

    This all lines up for a Friday single release.
  6. BTG


    Beyoncé doing dance is far too much of a dream come true for me.
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  7. It feels... all so surreal. I feel like I'm in a dream and this is all crazy fanfic wishes that my mind is dreaming up.
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  8. I'm tintillating at the thought of all the references this album will pull from. Chills.
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  9. I also want a Freemasons remix of every single song. I still dream about the (fake) rumor of them doing an album together back in the day.
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  10. I have nothing to add that hasn't already been said but wow, this has to be my most anticipated release of the year. End me, Beysus!!!
  11. Who is Chloe? Genuinely curious, no shade.
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  12. Delete this.
  13. WAIT.

    Queen Bey is taking us to the Discoteque?!?!?!


    Welp, it's been nice knowing you girls. Someone call Sophie. I'd like to report our murder on the dancefloor!



    Wasn't there a rumor a Karen O sample was somehow involved? Bey literally said "Off, Off, Off with their heads! They can dance til their dead"!

    I'm ready queen. End me.
  14. Bey really said I declare a fatwa on the dance floor. We won!!!!
  15. There were songs registered that credited YYYs and Crazy Town’s “Butterfly”
  16. One half of the sibling duo Chloe x Halle, who is releasing solo material. Beyonce mentored them, signed them to Parkwood and they opened on the European leg of the Formation Tour.
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  17. The only other artist signed to Parkwood
  18. Releasing an album the day before my birthday after I've become a HUGE fan of hers through the rate? Yes. Ugh, I love her. I'm really excited to experience a new Beyoncé Era as a fan.
    (@K94 when's your birthday?)
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  20. The very brief mention of UK garage in the article has me so perched.
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