Glad to hear people have got tickets at face value. The only way Ticketmaster are going to stop with this "dynamic pricing" bullshit is if people refuse to pay those ridiculous prices, which clearly they have if the tickets are being reduced.
I hope this is true although I feel like she would already be in Europe rehearsing for the tour by then.

A quick private jet tip to NY never hurt nobody I guess (except the planet).
The biggest problem with this album is… how much both BEYONCÉ and LEMONDADE now pale in comparison. I still love them, I still love what they did, but they feel so underdeveloped next to the goliath power of RENAISSANCE.

And the COZY rap is the moment of the album for me. That King Bey energy indeed. Whew.
Honestly, the collaboration is very Beyoncé.
I love this woman to death and she is my ultimate favorite, but I wouldn't say she has the best fashion taste of the industry - even the choice of doing this with Olivier is already quite telling.