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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. The 'This Hell isn't country' crowd is probably in for a ride.
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  2. whatever happened to him btw, did I miss something go down
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  3. When I thought about how Beyoncé, at this stage of her career, could follow up the boundary-pushing last 2 albums, homecoming, etc., it felt like the only way forward was to release BPG album to showcase how leagues ahead she is but i never thought it would happen. This just feels so right for her and incredibly exciting.

    Also, the realisation how this is going to influence the girls to follow with dance/pop/disco eras has finished me.
  4. Weren’t they already doing that post-Future Nostalgia, and, to a certain extent After Hours?
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  5. Dance music comes in many forms and I'm excited to see what we get from her current take on it. It is clearly on trend, as even Florence is serving us disco balls. What a time to be gay and also somewhat alive.
  6. One rumour going around is that there are 4 acts in total (hence the 4 different poses thing on her shop) and that act 1 and 2 are the albums, act 3 is something with Disney and act 4 is the tour.
  7. Not me getting the Disney box
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  8. Was 03 Bonnie and Clyde their peak for you?
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  9. Bey doing UK Garage is something I never knew I needed until now. If she serves something like these I won’t survive this year:

  10. Juneteenth is this Sunday and she’s celebrated in the last couple of years with music. I wonder if the 1st single is out before Monday? Drake (who’s dropping a whole album tonight) would be her main competition.
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  11. Not looking forward to the country album/songs whatsoever, but …. I will give it a chance.
  12. I’m going to bed now and I’d love to wake up to a new single.
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  13. I mean I might be completely wrong here but I doubt she's about to break out the pink cowboy hat she got at the Joanne World Tour merch stand.
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  14. I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan but if the album has country songs I’m very interested. Glad that she is changing it up a bit.
  15. I'm fully on board and saddled up for country Bey. Daddy Lessons is one of my favourites from Lemonade to be honest. Garage Bey would go even harder though. Phew! This is all too exciting.
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  16. Country and dance? Beyoncé ha ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ moment of electronic country dance fantasia is upon us.

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  17. Me every Thursday night since early 2013.
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  18. So it’s not going to be her Confessions but her Music!
  19. I feel like with Drake dropping tonight she wouldn't do that, especially with the insane first-week stats from his last one.
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