At the moment Pure/Honey takes the crown, after playing America Has A Problem exclusively for a week straight. After the show it was Cozy, but every time I hear Break My Soul I am just amazed. Church Girl also recently FULLY kicked in and All Up In Your Mind is kind of a dark horse. Ignoring all them Heated is obviously the best. But this doesn't take all the other best songs on it into consideration. Like the best song, Alien Superstar.

She really did that.
The remix of 'America Has A Problem' has actually improved in performance on its second day - particularly surprising for a Sunday - rising 17 spots on US Spotify to a new peak of #23 with 614k streams. In the UK, it has risen by 44 spots to #57.

Globally, it has also risen by 25 spots to a new peak of #75, with 1.53 million streams on Spotify - dethroning 'Cuff It' as her most streamed song for the first time in 8 months.

I'm not sure this will have global momentum, but she could have a potentially decent US hit on her hands here - particularly ahead of the tour moving there in July.
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Wait… so he got off with no controversy for this but Beyoncé and Lizzo were both dragged through the media for their unintentionally ableist language? Misogynoir at its finest.
Yeah, there was definitely talk about it, but it wasn’t the widespread outrage that Beyoncé (and especially Lizzo) faced. Lots of people applauding how ~progressive it was and Kendrick for being an ally.
Okay, we're really cooking now with the remix.

- #12 on US Spotify (up 11 places, new peak)
- #23 on UK Spotify (up 34 places, new peak)
- #43 on Global Spotify (up 32 places - greatest gainer - new peak)

Pulled just under 2 million streams yesterday on Spotify. This is impressive stuff.