Guys, I think I need to see a doctor.

This is the only album I can play.. it’s been nearly a year??? Is this normal??? Should I get help??
There are moments I felt like I stepped away a bit, mostly after other great albums dropped or when I am in an overly padamic mood, but it never takes long for me to fully go back, with all other music just not being enough to satisfy me anymore. It's a brillant album and a gift that keeps on giving.
I’m still not over seeing the show Sunday. Think it might be the best big show I’ve seen since Madonna’s Confessions Tour. Just spectacular!
It's one of the rare moments when every single piece falls into place. Her being the person seemingly enjoying it the most of all of us makes it extra special.
For a minute I honestly thought the My Power visuals were AI.

I really paid no attention to that era, I should revisit... I was desparately trying to disassociate from the dire Lion King remake.