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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. BTG


    She got me good. I’m preordering a damn box.
  2. Where was this revealed?
  3. Beyoncé sampling a eurodance classic? That's a little AVAtar MAXipad for sure.
  4. Do we even know the sample/music video source? I'm a little skeptical to believe stuff kicking around in the hysteria.
  5. imma keep it real with you chief, these might be the real visuals
  6. Someone apparently revealed the single title back in May alongside another track title and confirmed the Black Box sample. No idea if the tweet was legit since the page is gone now.
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  7. I don't understand this take. Don't all major artists sell MP3s direct?
  8. I wonder if she can debut at #1 in 3 days?
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  9. BTG


    Black Box?! Beyoncé please.
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  10. Her web store says the album cover will be revealed at a later date.
  11. What if she's sampling Ride On Time or Strike It Up?
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  12. o
  13. It’s (supposedly) Everybody Everybody.
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  14. I heard that its Mr Saxobeat.
  15. She got me, I ordered box 3.
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  16. The-Dream's involvement in this has me salivating. That man can make magic.
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  17. Physical connection to music via digital MP3 files? ... Okay.

    Very excited to hear Break My Soul. I'm usually a fan of whatever The-Dream has his hands on.
  18. Sam


    Can’t believe I’m going to wake up to a new Beyoncé single. See you on the other side girlzzzzzz x
  19. In bed listening to Sade hoping she will lull my excited cig ass to sleep. I’m opening this thread first thing in the morning before I even get up. This is herstory.

  20. Ok what does midnight mean for us Eurocigs? I'm too tired to understand which US midnight they're picking etc.
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