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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. 6 in the morning Central European Time, 5 in the morning in the UK
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  2. Thank you x
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  3. Going to bed knowing I’ll wake up in a world with new Beyoncé music.

  4. Box 2 secured.

    My curls? Another story.
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  5. Not Black Box... I love Dreamland so so much

    She could pick any of those album tracks to sample and it would slap
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  6. People think the sampled track is Show Me Love by Robin S since it was written by Fred and Allen.
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  7. Can’t anyone edit credits on Genius?
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  8. Oh dd I knew the format looked familiar. It’s probably fake then.
  9. Let's be honest, Show Me Love has been rinsed by the pop girls.
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  10. Another “Show Me Love” sample…

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  11. Alarm set for 5am, see y’all for the collective meltdown.

    Also, I bought the box.
  12. It is remarkable how I am questioning myself for buying Box 3 because it hasn’t sold out yet. What does the rest of the hive know that I don’t?
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  13. And still she’s waterproof! Run it back again and again!
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  14. I bought Box 2 because I’m #notliketheothergirls and now I’m wondering if I made the wrong decision.
  15. What if she’s sampling Show Me Love by Robyn C

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  16. Not me thinking for a second there was a third Robyn/Show Me Love combo I was unaware of.
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  17. LTG


    Beyoncé’s favourite number is 4 so people have gone for that, and I imagine 1 just cause it’s the first.
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  18. Robin S didn’t throw a kitchen sink vocal at that classic for the girls to ignore it.
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  19. You won’t break my soul!
    You won’t break my soul!
    You won’t break my soul!
    You won’t break my soul!

    I’m telling everybody, everybody, everybody!

    Now I just fell in love
    And I just quit my job
    I’m gonna find a new drive
    Damned he worked me so damn hard
    Work by nine
    Then off past five
    And it worked my nerves
    That’s why I can not sleep at night

    I’m looking for a new foundation yeah
    And I’m on that new vibration
    I’m building my own foundation yeah

    Hold up
    oh baby baby
    You won’t break my soul (nah nah)
    You won’t break my soul (no no nah nah)
    You won’t break my soul (no no nah nah)
    You won’t break my soul (nah nah)

    Everybody (nah nah)
    Everybody (3x)

    Release your anger
    Release your vibe
    Release your job
    Release the time
    Release your trade
    Release the stress
    Release the love
    Forget the rest!!!

    It’s a bop! Could have gone harder though, curious for the video! The rap is fun!
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  20. Oh wow this is like 2000s Beyonce meets The Neptunes with a dance beat on it? I love it.
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