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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. It’s nothing like I expected but I dig it.

    It’s really hard not to hear Kelly Rowland since their voices are so similar and this song is totally up her alley.
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  2. Oh, I love this.
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  4. It leaked?
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  5. Y'all are quick!! Is that Freedia again?
  6. It's giving 2009-2011 unreleased leak but I'm living nonetheless.
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  7. I’m really curious for the music video for this! Transcribed the first part of the lyrics in the last post on the previous page for anyone interested… feel free to add! I should go to bed!
  8. How are people finding it so easy. Damn me still looking lol
  9. Oh mama this is iconic
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  10. The clubs are going to love this.
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  11. It's very that dd. Like that fan fave that everyone would have said she was dumb for not releasing. Kind of a B'Day Remixed vibe. Also not sure about the samples... there's references to both "Everybody, Everybody" and "Show Me Love" but I'm not sure if they're direct enough for credit. But I'm not in music law, so.
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  12. LTG


    Beyoncé said here’s a bop for the summer
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  13. I was kinda hoping for B'Day vocals
  14. I was ready to use this as another bat to beat Chromatica with but the production is just as stale nn. Her vocal sells it at least. I'm interested to see what the video brings.
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  15. I really like it but I was waiting for it to elevate a little more. Not a huge criticism but I was on the edge of my seat for it to really go off and I don't think it ever really got there.
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  16. What?!!! Where?
  17. Having said that...

    The queens at the front and the doms in the back...

  18. It is absolutely perfect, I’m overwhelmed. I’ve been wanting this sound from her for decades.
  19. The chorus is ok but the rest feels a bit messy. Love an organ pluck bass tho.
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  20. Yeah, it doesn't really leave the groove it starts off with. Hopefully the visuals elevate it a bit more.
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