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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. The song could’ve done with being about 30-40 seconds shorter but I’ll be streaming regardless.
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  2. It’s a bop. Also love that the song is longer than 4 minutes.
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  3. I also think that we're so conditioned to accept full bodies of work with visuals from her now to contextualise every song that it feels kind of bizarre to get a standalone single - my biggest question after listening is how does this fit into Renaissance at large?

    Like... I love it but if Hold Up was tossed out, no visual available and as a single 5 weeks prior to Lemonade I would probably be quite confused too.
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  4. The way Beyoncé kind of copied Charli XCX….
  5. I can already see the drag performances to this. It's so gay. The GP will lose it over that spoken bridge too.

    This is good. Super super simple 90s dance beat, but it's really nostalgic. It's certainly not some groundbreaking, second coming track, but it's nice to hear her having carefree fun again
  6. I'm excited to hear the HQ.
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  7. Just realised we're yet to see choreography.
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  8. This is good and fun and easy. I think I got suckered into expecting her to deliver "What's Your Pleasure?" 2.0 with sixteen DJ Koze album cuts but that's my problem and not hers.
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  9. It slaps. Biggest criticism is it's a little unimaginative.

    Like, is that organ sound played the fuck out? Yes, but I don't see you eff-gots complaining about it when it's on a track by DJ/Producer designed to scrape the lower half of the UK Top 10 featuring one of your faves to get a hit, SO
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  10. Oh wow I love this, bop!

    Can already see me dancing (terribly) to this in a club.
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  11. I'm actually enjoying how it keeps the same chilled 90s House beat throughout. It could benefit from a little more creative production for sure, but it feels like a true homage to the genre, which I would say sets it apart from the other pop girlies "House" efforts. It's a vibe and I'm bopping.
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  12. Maybe Drake was onto something then

  13. Banger! Her vocals and the backing vocals near the end (plus Freedia) really elevate it. It's Beyonce's handbag house moment and I for one will be irritating about it all summer.
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  14. This is a HUGE bop.
  15. Just need the production to be beefed up a tiny bit in the final release but either way it’s a smash.
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  16. Why does the production sound so stale?
    The bassline is so limp and even the vocals feels way too guarded.
  17. Bop. My very initial impression was that the production was boring and faceless but there’s actually a lot of detail here that elevates it. Ready for the HQ.
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  18. I really love the way this song has so much room to breathe. It feels a little free form. Can’t wait to hear it in full HQ in a few hours. She sounds fucking immaculate.
  19. The back half goes off for sure. I think it'll be way better in HQ. Even though I enjoy it as is, it does feel like something is missing. This sounds like it's not only inferior quality, but like it's also not been mixed.
  20. Ok this is a bop, finally a dance era
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