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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I'm sorry but before calling it "too repetitive" or whatever please just wait until you hear it in a club and find yourselves prancing around and gurning along to "nyewwwww foun-day-tion" etc etc. You're going to want it to last for hours, bookmark me!
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  2. I genuinely wonder why she hasn’t credited Freedia for the second lead single in a row. With Formation, at least, her contributions weren’t on the main version which sort of explains it… but this time??
  3. I have to stan her taking my $40 for a mystery tshirt then convincing me to release my job in a span of a week

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  4. The song is fun and doesn't need to go anywhere. That beat HITS.

    Also, not sure why people feel like Bey owes social commentary with every release. Odd behavior.
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  5. Bey releasing this during pride month, ha mind!
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  6. This is fucking brilliant
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  7. To be completely honest, house feels a little late. It already felt late when Gaga was doing Chromatica.

    That said, I do like this overall. Her vocals are gorgeous and soulful, the early '00s R&B strings layered throughout actually sound really fresh on top of the beat, Big Freedia adds a lot of flavor to what would otherwise be a rather simple track. I also like that she's trying to connect to her average listener again lyrically.

    The chorus leaves a bit to be desired, it's longer than it needs to be, and I'm not sure how much staying power it will have for me, but overall, I'm here for it. Looking forward to seeing what else she has up her sleeve!

    Also, I'm 100% here for Rapyoncé. More, please.
  8. And about the "social commentary"; Beyoncé setting the house (hehe I'll see myself out) on fire is the social commentary. The Gospel influence with the choir backing vocals and even the Lyrics about strength? The ~reclaiming of classic House?? All this on Pride Month.

    I honestly find some stuff from twitter so... awkward. It's like Beyonce is beyond this and even within the gays there's a sense like "this is basic gay music" just like the straights annoyed about Drake. The song is noway reinventing the wheel, but it doesn't take the credit of being such a well-crafted and interesting move for Bey.

    I'm feeling very Hive I guess.
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  9. Yeah I forgot to say, the second verse is definitely the most interesting the track gets.
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  10. RELEASING MY WIGGLE!! Depression cured! Homosexuality affirmed! Ready to be destroyed by the music video!,

    Do wish Freedia would be credited
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  11. I share the same sentiment. (Except for Hold Up)
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  12. Thank god we’re not just getting text over a black background

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  13. Truthfully I don’t really like this. But I will be stanning.
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  14. honestly, yeah.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. It feels like dance music made for clubs / live venues / performance spaces and I really, really like that. It feels fresh and inviting on the record, but you just know it's gonna sound all kinds of right on a dancefloor.
  17. The single cover is a serve. Kiss Me Once’s impact.
  18. This is excellent, the way she navigates the song is something we are missing these days, she takes the time to let the song breath, the repetition is something good on this case. I'm salivating with an album full of this vibes.
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  19. Her immediately fixing the only complaint I had about the era so far.

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