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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. This is excellent, the way she navigates the song is something we are missing these days, she takes the time to let the song breath, the repetition is something good on this case. I'm salivating with an album full of this vibes.
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  2. Her immediately fixing the only complaint I had about the era so far.

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  3. Also House music will always be glamour, except for whatever Drake released.
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  4. I just wish she picked another song to sample. Her vocal might be one of her best ever and it has everything else going for it but it feels like there is something that didn’t fully bake. This will absolutely go off live / in the clubs and it is a bop, but I can’t help but feel the pick was slightly lazy.
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  5. I just thought about how lit her tour for this album will be. End me queen
  6. Absolutely love this. She’s never sounded better!
  7. I hope the guy who does Necki Menij steals this tweet for a new episode.
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  8. It's very this.

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  9. I’m going to meditate for everyone bringing Gaga up because if y’all don’t cut it out…
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  10. When the house piano dropped ..........

    The queen's in the front and the Dom's in the back

    Ain't taking no flicks but the whole clique snapped

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  11. Gays: *hears a synth* is this Lady Gaga?

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  12. Nñn at the album cover being blank on Apple Music.
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  13. Only asking for her to get dragged if it keeps up ddddd
  14. Spotify has the black background with text cover.
  15. Ok this is so addictive. It definitely sounds better on Spotify compared to the YouTube upload.
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  16. I've wanted this type of sound from her for years! This is excellent and will smash across Europe with ease. Hope it's a smash in North America too!
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  17. This exudes The Velvet Rope energy. Very much into it.
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