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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Why does the end sound like it’s building up to something and then… nothing
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  2. It me of Sour Candy mixed with the chaotic energy of Loverboy. So I naturally love it.
  3. Definitely slaps and she sounds great but I think this will work better in the context of a full album in this soundscape, which is ironic given the way it's rolling out.

    It's worrying me that I don't instantly want to hear it again though..
  4. Currently at the gym and just noticed a girl with earphones on do a bit of a shoulder bop...

    Is she listening to Break My Soul? Yes probably.

    Also this tacked on the end of B'Day (original version not the messy re-release) works really well.

    I've just had COVID, still feeling a bit weak and I've managed to do an hour of cardio... Beyoncé's power!
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  5. Vulture site is saying the video will be a Tidal exclusive. I hope it's not.
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  6. Maybe it's the wine and general stupidity, but I'm not hearing Show Me Love at all. I'm hearing a generic organ pluck bass, but I don't get Show Me Love sample as others have said at all.
  7. I was just at the gym with it on repeat.
    I felt like I was at the gay club in 1995!
  8. It's about the clubs. The clubs are happening, you know, um....the gay community KEEPS them happening. It's where they go to release. It's where they go to get their stuff off.
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  9. I listened to B'Day then Break My Soul on repeat for 30+ minutes ddd

    Yeah I can honestly see this being a gay anthem. It's making me want to go and watch a drag show at a club and make really bad decisions and it's a Tuesday
  10. What you won't do:
    • break my soul
    • break my soul
    • break my soul
    Who I'm telling:
    • everybody
    • everybody
    • everybody
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  11. She was made for this. Thank you Celestine for giving us this blessing.
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  12. [​IMG]


    Oh I am, I am!
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  13. This sums up my thoughts nicely
  14. 3Xs


    This is fucking massive.
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  15. This fucking slaps.
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  16. I DID just quit my job so I feel as if this song has been written entirely for me so I can justify my unhinged decision making process.
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  17. Why am I awake for this? It's been years since I awoke/stayed up specifically for pop. Her power.

    I'm so glad she's back, sampling a tiny bit of Robin S to not instantly be recognisable but also entirely recognisable, giving us more Big Freedia, rhyming vibration with foundation, if she's starting off a dance era with this, bravo, I love it!

    It's straight out the Hung Up school of pop, and I wonder if this comeback will yield more comparisons.
  18. Bey’s smooth and laser sharp harmonies sprinkled over a classic 90’s house beat? A fierce rap verse? Finish it all off with a gospel choir? I love this. The very straight forward beat actually gives the song room to breathe and let’s the attention to detail shine through. There are a lot of details to both production and melodies in this song that rewards you upon repeated listens. And yes it’s the only thing I’ve been listening to for 30 minutes.
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