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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

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  2. Oh my god she said fuck your job fuck the world let’s have a boogie xx
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  3. I think this is my first impression too. Love that it bangs so hard but the chorus needs work to be more memorable.
  4. I am not a fan of this, sadly.
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  5. HMD


    I missed this Beyonce!
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  6. Gals, repeated listens really let the melodies and hooks unfold. It’s a pop smash indeed.

    I love a shower and a grower.
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  7. This was not was expecting but I'm soooo here for it.
  8. Tad generic for a 90s house inspired track.. Vocals aren't giving!
  9. Sam


    Not Bey causing a worldwide web outage!!!!!
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  10. Halfway in I was like ''It's okay but it's not really going anywhere'' then by the end I'm singing "you won't break my soul, you won't break my soulllll''. Yeah I like it. It's subtle but it builds nicely and I'm excited for the video.

    Why does it feel like something that could have been lifted off of this though? Ha.

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  11. Felt underwhelmed after my first listen, only to experience a total knockout while blasting it on my headphones in the gym.
  12. This is the first thing she's done in years that I am immediately liking.
  13. I am obsessed. Why does my living room feel like Panorama Bar?

    This is so lush and well constructed. There are so many production flourishes and details. The choir at the end makes me transcend really.

    A brillant song. It feels absolutely on point and the chorus hits. Fifth listen and it is just growing and growing.
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  14. So this SLAPS and she sounds like velvet on it. The sample is really well used and I found myself singing along after first listen. I can also see this going hard in a live setting.
  15. It’s giving RuPaul song. But in a good way. A bit of a scene setter I imagine, if not quite something that will shake the other girls. The sample/reference is a bit done at this point, though.
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  16. I can't really assess how good it is but I also haven't played anything else for the past hour

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  17. This is the capital GAYest thing she’s done since like, Independent Women. pt 1?? My wrists went limp just listening to it. I wasn’t blown away by the leak last night but listening this morning and it’s fully hitting.

    The thought of that Show Me Love sample echoing round stadiums/arenas before the tour starts… wig.
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