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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I love it. It not only has the overt house influence but it continues her experimentation with afropop (I can hear it in the backing vocals and her delivery) and the fusion works great. Also, I had forgotten how electric her vocals can be and how easily they can elevate a track and give it urgency. If there's one person to reference the iconic 90s house howlers, it's Beyonce (shoutout CeCe Peniston).
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  2. Even though that organ sound is done to death now, it's a cute little package and I'm excited to see what's up next. It'll absolutely go off at whatever tour she's got planned for this.

    I know there's already some grumbles about how this feels fairly basic but clearly tapping into the great resignation for lyrical inspiration feels just as important and powerful as the stuff she was covering previously, and in tune with the economic and social landscape of when house was coming through first time in the 80s.
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  3. I do love this but I think the video and live performances will enhance this immensely and I cannot wait.
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  4. The video is going to elevate this so much. I am excited for the choreo.
  5. The last minute and a half builds to something really great, but it's a biT repetitive.
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  6. I genuinely think this is going to SMA$H in the UK. Nostalgic dance re-works are on the radio non-stop at the moment.

    Or it could end up like Mabel's 'Let Them Know' ddd
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  7. I know I did not wake up to people trying to come for her vocals a bitsy when she has her Bratz boot firmly planted in her early 90’s Whitney bag on this one.

  8. During the rap there is an instant I swear she's got Cardi B on the track!
  9. Listened all morning and still bopping.



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  10. I actually love how repetitive it is. It’s so relentless.
  11. I love it. This sound has been done to death and yet it’s so refreshing to hear her voice on a track like this.
  12. Okay so, I’m totally here for this. It’s not the Robin S style I feared, as I too can’t really here that. The freedia bit really elevates the production.

    Her vocals are incredible on this.

    WHAT THE FUCK WILL THE TOUR LOOK LIKE?! We haven’t even discussed what a cluboncé show/set list/choreo could be like??
  13. I mean

  14. When the backing synth kicks in at 3:08, I fully ascend.
  15. I hope she really switches up which songs from her back catalogue she uses in her live shows.
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  16. No poke-her-face but she sounds so happy on this, you can hear it in her voice
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  17. For me I think it’s the fact that I can’t quite believe she’s done it.. like it feels so wrong but also so RIGHT at the same time.
  18. This is not what I expected but I love it.

    Also, I can only hear the sample because it’s been mentioned here otherwise I think it’d just sound familiar-ish.
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  19. 3.07 mark - I am transcending and levitating and hearing Kelly in those vocals
  20. Oh wow I can hear radio absolutely playing this to death! Hope it’s huge for her!!
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