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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Honestly, give us dance versions of every single one of her classics.
  2. Haha, exactly. I’m not into it, but a lot of you are. Who cares? I like it a lot more than a lot of people seem to… it’s fine! I love Beyoncé and I’m sure the album will have songs I adore.
  3. I love to listen to her in a poppier song again but the song is so so so generic.
  4. Elephant > this
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  5. Decide
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  6. I'm whelmed but not overly so.
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  7. I just want the album already because I just know that in the broader context of the project that this song will only be elevated higher and higher.
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  8. She sounds great and it feels good. I was a touch bored halfway through, and the extra flourishes at the end could have been made more of.
  9. It's a win for me! And the thought of this being just a crumb from the rest of the soundscape... I'm not ready.

    I hope they do some club nights for the album launch. They'll be delicious.
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  10. Basically hell yeah

    Ended Sigala, Joel Corry, Guetta etc
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  11. Respectfully, what song are you listening to?
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  12. I love it!! Not sure why people say it sounds like a demo?! The production sounds lush to me
  13. The first listen was confusing.

    Second, 3rd, 4th, 5th listens... really made it work. So excited for the visuals, and the album.
  14. It's fun!

    It's in no way revolutionary, it feels underwritten in parts and the mastering is a tiny bit flat. But it's fun!
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  15. Me, unemployed, on my way to quit my imaginary job because Beyoncé told me so!

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  16. It's okay.

    Probably a case of the video will help it to click with me, similarly to 'Formation'.
  17. My soul is breaking because Break My Soul is breaking my soul is dropping.
  18. This is pure class, I can’t stop listening to it. She sounds fantastic and the production is sublime, roll on the album!
  19. The way she announced the album on my birthday, the song came out on the day I left COVID isolation and the album is coming out a few days before I fly to Turkey (for a hair transplant fff).

    I can't wait to spend the majority of my fifteen hour flight nervous, but bopping to Renaissance. Queen of keeping me entertained!
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