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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. This is just... everything

  2. This probably did sample Everybody Everybody at some point right? And then it got reworked to not sample the melody.
  3. Not you getting a new head of hair only for B to rip it all out again.
  4. Ok but we NEED a 12" Extended Mix version now
  5. Big Freedia actually being back by popular demand is the content I'm here for!
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  6. Oh my god I am absolutely buying some green tomorrow and going to bop my ass off to this in the darkness of my lawn in the night. I'm not ready for this album.
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  7. I don't know why but you surviving COVID to fly internationally for a hair transplant is kind of iconic.
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  8. Yea based off the lyrics it seemed the opportunity was right there.
  9. FFF it's honestly nuts but it's also literally 15k cheaper than getting it done in Australia!
  10. I said it when the song leaked, but I think both “Everybody Everybody” and “Show Me Love” are merely being referenced instead of anything overt and directly sampled, because it has been done so many times at this point. The credit for “Show Me Love” seems to be more of a safety measure than anything else. That probably explains why both songs were being thrown around as potential samples.
  11. My wiggle continues to release further and further with each subsequent listen.

  12. I’m hoping this is more of a scene-setting, re-introduction song because it’s more album track than instant smash to these ears.
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  13. The way @Sanctuary manifested an anti-capitalist retro dance anthem for pride month. It's time for us to seize the means of poppers production for the holetariat.
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  14. Me three seconds into hitting play.
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  15. And we back outside
    You said you outside, but you ain't that outside
    Worldwide hoodie with the mask outside
    In case you forgot how we act outside


    That little section of the song has to be my favourite.
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  16. I never expected this kind of sound from her in a million years, it’s surreal to hear a track like this. As if it wasn’t fever dream enough of Beyoncé doing HOUSE MUSIC, she drops a Show Me Love leaning lead on my birthday? She saw a cig that needed extinguishing alright. The song is so feel-good, I had the cheesiest grin the whole way through. The choir, the spoken word, Big Freedia being back. Just yes. Everyone knows my love for 90s house by now, and this is just the most beautiful colliding of worlds for me. I can’t wait to see the video for this.

    Mostly, it only further excites me for what she’s got tucked away on the rest of the record. Her mission of escapism is totally going to be hit with this album. That’s Mother.
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  17. Not sure if people are still expecting a longer Vogue interview but I’ve just got the print issue and it’s the same article from last week, not extended!
  18. Damn, I was dd
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  19. Sitting with it for a bit, it's a bop if not the big lead single I might have liked. It feels more like an introduction to the sound of the album. If she were a lesser artist, I might worry... but it's Beyoncé, she knows what she's doing. The last three albums have been wall-to-wall classics, Renaissance will be the same.

    Still hasn't quite hit me that we're getting a Dance album from her, after she purposely avoided releasing one in the early 10s.
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  20. Release ya anger, release ya mind

    Release ya job, release the time

    Release ya trade, release the stress

    Release the love, forget the rest

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