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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. It’s amazing how this song feels once you just get lost in it.
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  2. This is excellent. The intent. The clarity. The joy.

    It's the full package.
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  3. If you play this on repeat like you should and you have the 10sec overlap on Spotify (like you also should) the intro and the outtro overlap and suddenly I've been bopping to one song for 4 hours.
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  4. Between The Weeknd, Lizzo, Drake, and now Beyoncé, it feels really good to see black artists with global reach making and reclaiming dance music across the spectrum, even if the results may not be to everyone’s taste. And I think it might cause more artists to follow suit. A Renaissance, indeed.
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  5. A BOP !!!

    This got me the heck out of bed this morning , Come on Beyoncé Giselle !!
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  6. Respectfully,
    Not that it sounds similar at all, it felt similar to me at 5:30am, like the first time I heard Hung Up.

    That alright, or?
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  7. I needed this.
  8. What?! I thought that was like an editors note wasn't even an interview
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  9. Bey’s publicist put on Insta “Tuesday Friday Tuesday”, so presumably we’ll get the video on Friday?
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  10. She just sounds like she's having so much fun on this. Her vocals emit so much joy.
  11. I think that could have just been a reference to the conversation about her dropping on a Tuesday after getting the global release day changed to Friday.
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  12. That’s what I’ve been thinking. I could see them dropping the video next week, though.
  13. Makes sense. Hopefully we get a visual sooner then!
  14. Everyone in Europe gets their hair transplants in Turkey too! All these celebs endorsing it.
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  15. I was just looking for the single cover art using iTunes Artwork Finder and the album on iTunes is called RENAISSANCE and not act i somewhere in there. So that's good... Hurray.
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  16. Track 1 3:28
    Track 2 3:30
    Track 3 3:35
    Track 4 3:45
    Track 5 1:56
    Track 7 3:44
    Track 8 4:14
    Track 9 6:08
    Track 10 3:23
    Track 11 4:20
    Track 12 4:04
    Track 13 2:49
    Track 14 3:18
    Track 15 4:48
    Track 16 4:34

    Total length: 01:02:14
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  17. Only 2 songs below 3 minutes, probably interludes?

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  18. Only two songs under 3 minutes?

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  19. I was hoping she would talk more about the song in the extended interview and give us some background on it. I guess we'll have to wait!
  20. I'm just shocked at how long the album appears, especially as it's just Act 1.
    Sorry if this has been answered, is act 2 going to be another album for sure/Is there a act 2? Do we 100% know that?
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