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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Sam


  2. An album of this length in 2022 is honestly what dreams are made of. Take note other big pop girls!
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  3. I genuinely cannot stop listening to this, it’s potentially one of her best leads? To think we might be getting an hour of Beyoncé dance bangers…take me there now.
  4. It’s so good to hear Beyoncé sound so free. This sounds so good on her. Poor any of the girls who are cooking up something without a house beat.
  5. I don’t think we know for sure, but it has been implied that act ii could be a country inspired record
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ready for her High Horse teebs!!
  7. It's always nice when a big pop girl actually releases an album that runs over an hour these days.

  8. With the whole act I and act II thing, I had expected this to be interlude heavy. Once again I was happily WRONG. She’s feeding us. The potential of over 30 tracks all said and done? She broke her back carrying us.
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  9. The way this ad incorporates both house and country elements… her mind, honestly

  10. I love that 20 years into her solo career she is still surprising us and serving something completely new and different to what she's done so far (which is pretty impressive considering she's dabbled in almost everything). 90s gay dance floor Bey is very much a mood.
  11. I love how Track 9 is already the greatest song of all time.
  12. If there is a track inspired by the beat that starts at 1:17 I'll be dead on impact!
  13. K94


    First day back from holiday and mother is telling me to quit my job


    That little production switch up around the 3 min mark


    When I'm in the club smoking area, and this drops

  14. Me, a clown Pokémon, ordering “RENAISSANCE BOX SET - POSE 2” after all.

  15. I'm surprised that people are... surprised by the direction of this. It makes perfect sense to me? House music plays to all her strengths. It also feels suitably zeitgeisty without being something anyone else has taken true ownership of yet (like, ok, Chromatica sort of, but that's mostly using a different set of references and its owner basically abandoned it 48 hours in, so.)
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  16. Spotify posting the art on Twitter but on the app it’s still the black text version. Oof.
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  17. Momentarily pausing my posting break to say that this is talented, brilliant, incredible, etc., truly everything everywhere all at once, and anyone who dares to compare it in any way to whatever Drake just plopped is ugly, incorrect, homophobic, lacking in reference points, and boring
  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

  19. These things take time for a global streaming service with over hundreds of millions of users and loads of servers, CDNs and a little wiggle of caching in there.

    The team handling cover art streamed the song a lot too, listened and quit on the spot xx
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