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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Teebs I don't need broken ground or even a pointed message (everyone on PJ: "we know!!!") after two and a half years of complete bullshit in the world. We all need a little hit of joy and Bey is no exception to that. She's ringing in the Roaring 2020s girls!
  2. I'm giggling at Bey pretending she's ever worked a 9 to 5.
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  3. I think they live in similar universes in that they hit hard and have almost identical subject matter but I'd say sonically they're pretty different. Don't Hurt Yourself is far more organic in its sound and less molded to a pop format. They're the most similar in her discography, yes, but I don't think they're that close really.
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  4. I kinda wish the "Show Me Love" sample either went harder or not at all.
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  5. Guys it's bordering on bullying now. It was one comment. We have a new Beyoncé dance single. Chill out.
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  6. Also, do we think I’ll justify love is a Madonna reference? Her ‘Deeper and Deeper’ is coming!
  7. The Deeper and Deeper video would be a great reference for this specific single's video I feel like. Especially as it's a return to the dancefloor for her.
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  8. By the way, I am choosing to believe with my whole entire chest that the ooh baby baby segue part is a deliberate reference to the similar cooing done by Janet on "Doesn't Really Matter".
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  9. Exactly this! Most people have yearned for a return to Pop and even longed for Beyonce dance. So let’s revel in this and what’s to come
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  10. BTG


    We need one of the other BPGs to release an album alongside this for maximum 2011 golden era mess.


    The comments from certain corners of stan Twitter dragging Beyoncé for releasing a “basic” song while they sat there in their Chromatica jockstraps and tried to convince themselves their discoloured Oreos were tasty. No ma’am.
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  11. I just find it to be a lazy comparison, honestly dd. Obviously that’s what stans do, but it’s particularly irritating seeing them legitimately believe a black woman is actually taking sonic cues from Chromatica, which is more indebted to trashy europop of the early-mid 2000s (which I love, don’t get it twisted) than early 90s house music from Detroit and Chicago.
  12. Can you guys seriously please stop? You’ve made your point and then some. I never even said anything negative about her or the song, so this flat out bullying is completely unjustified.
  13. I’m slightly stanning but mostly waiting for the TikTok DJ mashups
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  14. Girl...please just log out for a little bit. Take a breath, touch some grass, stream Break My Soul available now on all platforms.
  15. I'm right there with you. I guess me saying that the comparison is not uncalled for is also me basing the whole thing on the technicality that they both went for a similar sound palette and reference pool, as remotely/adjacently similar as they will probably end up being when all is said and done.
  16. I actually see the Chromatica comparisons, but yeah, agree that one isn't referencing the other and that they're both pulling from the same references.
  17. The third in a Carters trilogy:

  18. I don't think I'm ready to release my trade just yet oop.

  19. I miss @duckface.

  20. I've done a lot of unfollowing today, that's all I'll say. From both fanbases, but definitely from one more than the other dd. A little of bit of silly rivalry is cute but the fact there are genuinely people out there that can't fathom where the actual influences of this song came from is delusional.

    I think that's very easy to say when you've been on one side of this and not the other. There was some questionable choices from that member but the bullying every time something like this happens is out of control on this forum.
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