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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. BTG


    I’m really interested to see the entire sonic soundscape of this project. She’s such an incredible curator of different sounds and influences spanning the eras, give me a mellow DB Boulevard moment, queen.
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  2. As any Real Housewife of Popjustice Forum™ knows, when you're messy, you take the drags, and shade in the lighthearted manner it's intended. Getting defensive, calling everyone else the problem and storming-off....

  3. now wait a minute
  4. aux


    Yeah, this is fantastic. I love how it feels both elegant, layered and expensive but simultaneously, suits any club with a dirty sticky dance floor covered in cheap drinks being stomped by hundreds of sweaty people. I do wish it was a bit more dynamic (like others, I kept waiting for a wailing moment), but I do think it's a great introduction to this soundscape.

    I was already pretty excited for the album just because it's a Beyoncé record, but after hearing this, I cannot wait to feast on the album. There are so many avenues of dance music she can harken and build upon. It's just such an exciting prospect. I can't wait for the visuals as well. I know we got a lil' glimpse from the single cover art, but I want something more concrete.
  5. Did you not get enough attention when you originally posted this 20 minutes ago in Random Thoughts or...?
  6. Uno


    You can't complain about people "bullying" while you're continually adding fuel to the fire with these condescending posts. You could just stop.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    NOT mash-up posts.
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  8. If you wanna go then just...go. This has been going in circles for pages now
  9. Sis, I posted there so the thread could move on but y'all keep bringing it up here and refusing to let that happen. SO...

    Anyway... I'm feeling the BEYAISSANCE and it's delightful! Stream Break My Soul
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  11. Well I've been absolutely miserable today and this has pulled me the fuck up. feels vital and important already for me.
  12. Please mother I need the video now.
  13. So now I can't participate in said 'shade'... cute. But now I'm really out so y'all got what you wanted. Hope you all have a blessed summer and enjoy the rest of the record.
  14. I just knew you'd come through
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  15. I wanted to reply to some of the sadness in this thread, but Suga Momma came up on shuffle and the absolute talent just said no. I’m going to stream Break My Soul again and transport to a more educated world.

    What an absolute slapper of a track. Murder me, Yoncé.
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  16. Has anyone mentioned that in a time of barely 3 minute songs this triumph keeps going for about 4 and a half? Worth the praise alone
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  17. It's such a moreish song, it's always a pleasure just hearing her voice
  18. *Grabs the Sage*
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  19. Break My Soul is awesome. I love it.
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  20. 2014

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    I are doing a lot.
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