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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I love the song and also appreciate that it's not so much in your face so it leaves you on your edge because you know so damn well this is not even the best offering of the album. Lord.
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  2. I love it and I can't wait for the album. On the other hand, I'm just a bit afraid because there are several house artists/songs that I would like to see as her inspiration for the album and I know I won't have all of them so I have to prepare for my "disappointment" beforehand ff
  3. RMK


    I would’ve rathered her lean into escapism than be so pointed with her lyrics as if she lives the same experience. We’ll see where the rest of the album will goes.
  4. Isn't that the true escapism though? I really don't need more lyrics referencing Bill Gates and capital. I'd rather her speak to the zeitgeist than whatever her out-of-touch reality might be.
  5. Is it really that pointed? Sure she says “Bey” at one point, but the whole thing seems very Beyoncé as the voice of the everyman to give them a relatable anthem to bop to, not like she’s trying to pass this whole thing off as her singular story. I don’t know.
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  6. I couldn’t care less if Beyoncé is living my experiences or not in order to sing about them, honestly. The entire point of story telling and fantasy is removing yourself from your own situation and putting yourself in new ones. It’s not that serious.
  7. She might go #1 on Apple Music in the US which is super impressive considering a Drake album just came out this week.

  8. So like, when's the video coming? I need to be FULLY scalped. I want the top of my skull exposed.

  9. 16 songs?? Yesss. I hope the album leans more into the Honey and What's Your Pleasure type of slow burn with sprinkles of party party paaarty paaaartyyyyy music.
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  10. While she sometimes includes personal stuff in her songs, Beyoncé the person is a girl who had *at least* a middle class upbringing and has been a wealthy superstar for more than half her life. I don’t always go to her music and visuals thinking “she experienced this, too!”

    It’s always been a mix with her. And while there are exceptions, a lot of artists would do well trying to capture other people’s stories and finding a way to express it, rather than only talking/showing/discussing things that have been their own experience. Artists are tell stories, not only of their own.
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  11. Not to fuel the Bey vs Gags nonsense because God knows I'm exhausted by the amount of homosexuals arguing all day and pretending both women invented House music, but this popped up on my timeline and it's HOT. It sounds so CUNT. Need a full version and likes clearly agree with me.

  12. Can I offer everyone good headphones, a blunt and BREAK MY SOUL on loop in these trying times?
  13. As an elderly ghey, I feel compelled to say something. I hope it makes sense.

    I grew up in an era of titans, aka the 1980's. In truth, there were four of them. Michael, Prince, Madonna, and Bruce (yes he was a Big Pop Girl then, you had to be there). Some major players came shortly thereafter—Whitney, George, Janet, and then Mariah—but these were the real pillars. And when they say they don't make 'em like they used to, well, maybe that's old person's perspective. But if the shoe fits...

    I've been a music fan ever since. Not just pop—although I will always rep pop, which ended up eating most every other genre I've ever enjoyed—and I cannot say more clearly how lucky we are to live in the time of Beyoncé. She is the first true titan across every category I can even think of in the past twenty years, to the extent that she is such a clear exemplar of the form, the discipline, the entire embrace and evolution of what makes popular music so important. Sure, I love me my Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, Ari, and many more. But this is different. She's different. She's special.

    "Break My Soul" is such a joy. Not only because I've taken this decades-long journey with her, but because she's shown me that despite all the many changes in the world, the music industry, technology, etc. etc., there's still a way to move culture and consciousness not only through the perfect song, but also with a point of view that shines through said song and reaches out and touches the lonely little kid in everyone. Even us grownups.
  14. Lyrics aren't always about the artist, stop trying to reduce art that way. Make the songs about yourself, that is the reason art exists.
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  15. I’ve decided that both in theory and in practice this song is the left-turn, genuine new territory for the artist, but still a giant banger type of single I always pine for. I love that it pulls the stunt of feeling free form and dynamic despite the looping house synth thing. It could’ve probably been mixed better, but the details are still very present and add a lot.
  16. Listened to Beyoncé whilst cleaning my entire house this morning and I realised...

    Schoolin' Life (2011) - "Who needs a degree when you're schoolin' life?" - Beyoncé telling me not to worry about passing high school and giving me permission to skip school to have fun.

    Break My Soul (2022) - "Release ya anger, release ya mind, release ya job, release the time" - Beyoncé telling me to quit my job and go to a three day rave because I deserve it.

    Queen of consistency!
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  17. Break My Soul is good but Sour Candy has more memorable hooks and is catchy af.

    I know this post will be met with backlash but whatever. If we're talking actual catchy songwriting, despite its flaws, Sour Candy has a consistent flow of hooks and is concise and does it's job. It's objectively catchier. Break My Soul Does not have this. It's a good song but it meanders and has no fluctuation in it's progression.

    I don't even care about stan wars or whatever it is with the Gaga cigs, but if we're talking about even melodic significance, the Sour Candy organ-pluck-bass-hook is more memorable.

    This quick mashup demonstrates how much better Bey's topline is with a well written instrumental.
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  18. Before listening to this, I thought it was a ballad from the title. ALSDKFNFKK

    This exactly what I needed from MUTHA. Now lemme order that goddamn box.

    Edit: NOOOO they’re all sold out.
  19. This is unexpectedly great and right up my street. The vocals are really good on this.
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