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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. It’s so unfortunate Azealia has been Azealia and burned so many bridges, because this album (and many more recent records) would have been ready-made for her to shine on.
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  2. My BASIC boss who has been torturing us all with nothing but The Chainsmokers and Ed Sheeran for two years even added this to the work playlist...

    We WON, literally made my work day so much better. I can't wait to hear this in a club.
  3. I'm working but all I wanna do is listen to this.
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  4. This is so infectious. I love it more with every listen.
  5. Ok but the absolute joy I get from driving around my bumfuck rural town blasting this at full volume is addictive. Doing my part to bring some culture to the hetties.

  6. Come on Ms Tina !!

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  7. Tina is a national treasure.
  8. *global
  9. Ms. Tina Main Pop Girl when?
  10. Get Denali on an All Stars season and have her get her life to this while lip-syncing for her legacy!
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  11. Drag race lip sync aside, I’m more concerned about the yt gays in GAY or Heaven trying to do Paris is Burning to this song when it plays in the clubs this summer. I have the memory of seeing a gaggle of yt gays attempt the formation choreo in then upstairs room of Heaven - where they all patted their heads when Beyonce sang about baby hair and afros - burned into my brain. I’ve never felt so much second hand embarrassment in my life!!!! How can an entire group of people all look like they’re dancing to a different beat?!??!!
  12. You won't break my soul

    You won't break my soul

    You won't break my soul

    You won't break my soul
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  13. This is living in my brain rent free for the foreseeable future.

    you somehow making me nostalgic for a time I was too young to even remember, then cherish the present because we get to witness this legend, then stunned (bringing it full circle) with the epiphany that mutha did (and continues to) rescue the lonely kid in me.

    Break Touch My Soul, sis!
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  14. That sounds dreadful. I'm so sorry you had to see that.
  15. I’m sorry too but it serves me right for even stepping foot in that hell hole of a nightclub!
  16. I’m really curious to hear what led her in this direction. I know she’s tight lipped these days but I hope we get to hear her thought process behind it. It’s such a swerve from what I personally was expecting from her…I remember people wanting her to jump on the dance train back in 2011 and instead she went in the complete opposite direction with 4, which was absolutely the right call not only because it’s a masterpiece, but it also was the beginning of her truly transcending the ‘Pop Girl’ rat race and laying the foundation for the absolute icon she is today. Her career since then has been truly fascinating to watch, and it makes me glad I’m alive to witness it in real time. I’m already dying to hear the rest of the album, as she’s 100% knocked it all the way out of the fucking park with this song.
  17. I read that after everything that's happened in the world recently she just wanted to make a fun and carefree record that her fans can dance to (don't quote me on that but I swear I did read it somewhere).

    Now as much as I'd live for a Beyoncé song dragging Putin, I think she's absolutely made the right decision at the right time to go in this direction. With the pandemic, cost of living crisis, war, just everything that's gone on since 2020 I don't want anything heavy, I want to dance and escape.
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  18. I do not understand complaints about Bey taking it easy on the first song she drops from a new album. She definitely left her mark already and I doubt the album will be lightweight only and even if that's more than welcome after the last couple projects. I missed the moment she become full time United Nations spokeswoman.
  19. Spotify being very slow to update their charts today. Hmm.
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  20. I have been a Beyoncé fan since the DC No, No, No days; and everytime a new era gears up I am so excited to see how things will reveal themselves. It has been an honor to have a musical force like Beyoncé grow alongside from childhood into your 30s. With that in mind I have been listening to Break My Soul on repeat since it's release. And at this exact moment, it feels like such a beautiful slow burn that just gets better and better with each listen.

    Break My Soul transforms from I love this and I will have so much fun hearing this on the dancefloor into I am going to CRY and ascend on the dance floor.

    By the time we get to the "Round in circles, round in circles" there is just such a LUSH soundscape that is perfectly balanced. Big Freedia is going off in the background along with our beloved signature luscious Beyonce harmonies. The main beat doesn't let up. But right at the 2:59 mark Bey goes into those GUTTERAL low notes in the background and we have the contrast of the lightness, agility, and feeling of vulnerability on the "Looking for something that lives inside me".

    MEANWHILE we have the first hints of the choir, doing some stunning work that feels so ancient, haunting, and otherworldly. I am not musical or technical enough to describe what they are doing, but it hits.

    And after all that is said and done, we get the chord progressions which throws things into overdrive. Everything comes together for a final minute of BLISS and ascenscion. And the song becomes so much less about the day to day of quitting your job or being outside, but a gorgeous call and response and mantra of building new foundations/new salvation. This might sound like a reach, but I actually think this song hits a similar spiritual tug that BIGGER does, just delivered in a completely different genre/soundscape.

    This song just grows and grows, especially on headphones. So I cannot wait to hear it on a proper soundsystem on the dance floor. And to think this is JUST the audio, we don't even have a video or performance yet.

    I think the messaging of building a new foundation makes so much sense to have this be the first introduction to Rennaissance. And musically, Beyonce is continuing her tradition of genre bending and making it sound deceptively simple and cohesive. But it can't be overstated how there is so much musical freedom occuring for someone like Beyoncé to combine classic 90s House, NOLA Bounce, and a gospel choir. There are just so many access points for healing through this song, without *feeling* as heavy as Lemonade.
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