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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I'm sure every pop fan feels this way, but in another life I should have been a music video director. I would have eaten this up.
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  2. A little speculation:

  3. It’d be cute, but I still feel like she was referencing this dd

  4. Still no Spotify update?
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  5. Do we know the streaming numbers is Break My Soul doing ?
  6. But... Wasn't the world on Friday releases but the US was on Tuesday so they would get albums last in the world?
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  7. US and Canada had Tuesday releases, and I believe the UK and France had Mondays? I think only Germany and Australia were Fridays, but I could be wrong. I just know it was spaced out for everyone and made very little sense as we went into the streaming era.
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  8. I did not just watch a TikTok going in depth about Beyoncé's capitalist stance and how she's "not on our side". Imagine not being able to just... listen and bop.
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  9. She hasn't been part of the proletariat for as long as I've been alive but it's not my fault the bourgeoisie make better bops I'm sorry.
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  10. The girls at Spotify apparently all released their jobs!
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  11. RMK


    I'm really not going to accept that me analyzing lyrics on a music forum is some hot take buried in disconnect. It was a passing thought about celebrities using these concepts so vividly during a potential recession when they don't relate. Most people like it, I didn't care for it much. The discussion isn't anything more than that.
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  12. Oh I'm listening and bopping...but that doesn't mean that my blood doesn't boil when she says "damn, they work me so damn hard". should not be able to get away with fucking over the hotel workers by hosting your exclusive party AND THEN cosplay as THEM after the fact? Like, get the fuck out of here, Beyonce and anyone that tries to gaslight us into thinking that we are...somehow the ones lacking anything. It's really insulting and indecent!
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  13. Bey works harder in a single concert than I've done in my entire working life. She can have this one.
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  14. I had it on repeat on my way to work and I intend to do the same on my way home
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  15. Beyonce likely makes more money from that single 2 and a half hour concert than the majority of the planet does annually.

    I can't believe this is the current topic of discussion but it did take me by surprise when I heard these lyrics. It is a bit tone-deaf especially given we've just had the pandemic and countless "essential workers" worked tirelessly to keep us going and now we're in this cost of living crisis with record-high inflation and stagnant wages.

    1 person's "working hard" =/= another person's "working hard"

    At the end of the day, it's not that deep. It's a quick "wait what??" you laugh and then move on.

    The song is still a bop though and I can see it doing well. I'm excited about the music video which I think will elevate it even more!
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This faux outrage....... she really is coming for that smasha!!
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  17. Nn but do y’all hold everyone (your faves) to this standard of “stop singing about struggles/experiences you haven’t had!”? Because it can be leveled at basically any pop girl you want and yet…only seeing it in here is…interesting. Yeah.
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  18. The kii is Beyonce definitely has 6-7 hours a day were she, you know, works.
  19. Not her being a Hot Topic on The View today

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  20. It's the "seeing her for who she is" part of this discourse that is so odd to me; it's basically a repeat of the weird "she lied to me about being relatable :(" energy around Rihanna, a decade-long multimillionaire, being declared a billionaire last year. Like...ethics of having crazy wealth aside, I was never under the impression that Beyoncé was anything other than obscenely wealthy and famous, and forgive me if I'm not exactly shocked by her occasionally being tone deaf because of it. You don't have to be a relatable person on every single front to make art that resonates with people; yes, that line is a little absurd coming out of her mouth, but my reaction when I heard it for the first time was "lol" and that's it. This is not her Marie Antoinette moment.
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