Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

I doubt she’s doing a rock album right after a rootsy album. It doesn’t make sense. Plus lots of people who worked on this album blabbed before Renaissance was out and we haven’t heard anything from anyone about a third album of music.


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Surely country into rock makes more sense than dance into country, unless the idea is that they're too similar.

I do remember the initial rumor was that the third act would be visual, though.
Frankly, I asked the person who works with her more closely than anyone else at Parkwood about the “rock” album this month, and he looked at me like it doesn’t exist. Maybe there’s a hip-hop album. I have no idea.
When Renaissance came out there was a logline on one of the Amazon stores that confirmed she was also working on a country album, so it was never really speculation, the rock act however ... that has been nothing but a fan theory. The T I had (which is super old at this point) contradicts that theory, but she's also crazy and some of it has changed.
Don’t want to put you in hot waters so feel free to dodge but does that mean you’d heard about the theoretical act iii genre?
I mean, people thought act ii would come soon after act i too and we saw how that turned out. I really, really doubt we'll get it before 2025.

Eh, we also had a whole tour (not to mention her injury in 2022 likely causing some delay). There were seemingly plans for a residency at The Sphere this year that have now been postponed, but those plans certainly suggest she wasn't going to be promoting this record for very long. Dropping act iii at the end of the year before going back out on another full scale tour in 2025 makes sense.
Not to prolong the tangent, but Beyoncé dipping into the sonic world of her "You Oughta Know" cover with further 90's grunge and trip-hop and shoegaze leanings in album form... yes.

Anyway, back to the hoedown.

Also I can definitely see act iii being either the film or another album, since the thought has always sorta been it would be separate from the first two, yet still tied in as a project. That's kinda why I thought it might make sense/be cool if it was a rock album in character as Betty Black, since we know nothing about that lady. But I will not turn down finally getting the visuals if that's what it ends up being. But I still think it's probably music since Nadia Lee Cohen outed herself as having done the visuals, so I feel like those are probably coming pretty soon.
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