Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER


She really said "We are going to FUCK."

Manifesting Ameriican Requiem live version with Michelle and Kelly harmonies!

I literally cannot get over how immense she started this album with that track alone. She didn’t come to play and she went deep with the vokals.
Miley wasn’t on my list of possible Beyoncé’s features but I guess it makes sense. I don’t really care for the 2 singles we got but I’m hyped.
I'll stop gagging all over this thread for now and wait until midnight to listen again, but seriously...

The way the album starts off sounding exactly what you'd expect a "country Beyoncé album" to sound like (*after* American Requiem), but then slowly morphs into something kaleidoscopic and cinematic, before ultimately melting into something entirely experimental and free-form in the final quarter is... insane.

Texas Hold 'Em functions solely as her "sweet treat for the kids", a "let me prove to you basic bitches I can make a cute palatable country pop bop" moment. It works, but it doesn't even attempt to scrape at the depth of what surrounds it.

American Requiem is the perfect intro, because it's amazing, but it sounds a little off with the psychedelic flourishes... Like it's hinting at something much bigger ahead. And I swear, the acoustic Blackbird cover as Track 2? It feels like a troll move, a knowing wink for the aging, white Grammy voting committee: "Beyoncé covers The Beatles!" The way she sandwiches a Beatles cover between the two "mission statement" songs that set up the album and serve as her "why" for exploring country music. Willie Nelson and Dolly cameos within the first 10 tracks as bait...

And yet, if one continues to listen, by the final quarter of the album, she's basically screaming "Fuck genre. Fuck song structure. Fuck convention. Fuck your rules."

.......... Yeah. I see the vision now. I'm fully gagged.
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