Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

This is such a classic rock album! American Requiem having notes of Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth (is that an interpolation?) and Led Zeppelin's Ramble On, then a Beatles cover, a Beach Boys interpolation, Ya Ya giving Tina Turner and pure Rolling Stones guitar licks.... Gaga wishes, huh?
I could only listen to bits and pieces because of work but this is the rock album. I wonder what act iii is now. The visuals?
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Her ability to take on different genres and musical influences, combine them, enrich them, and make them fully her own remains unmatched. Not once does this album feel like cosplaying, but like a Beyoncé record through and through.

Also, this is insanely accessible and instant. There are tons of single options on here which should have massive mainstream appeal, should she decide to go for an actual album campaign with multiple singles.
I stayed up to midnight UK time to listen to this and was completely overwhelmed after my first listen. There is so much to take in and appreciate with this album, it'll definitely take time to process everything.

BODYGUARD, DAUGHTER, II MOST WANTED, RIIVERDANCE and II HANDS II HEAVEN were the immediate standouts for me though, but I can't wait to listen to the whole thing again and again.
I've been thinking a lot about the "this ain't a Country album" remark and the perceptiveness housed in that statement. This record truly is so much more than the confines implied by contemporary Country as a genre. As a body of work what she accomplished exists in the broader canon of Black rock musicians molding the fundamentals of the "roots-y" American music tradition (rhythm and blues, rock, country) to create something that is completely and singularly their own. Like others have mentioned, I hear Prince, Tina Turner, and also Sly & the Family Stone. The cover even mirrors There's a Riot Going on by Sly by playing with the American flag, placing it front and center to make a direct statement equating American identity to Black identity.

She really said fuck you to Morgan Wallen's country radio!


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It’s fine, really! I thought Texas Hold ‘Em was actively bad, so it’s better than I feared.

But. She’s completely missed the point of Jolene (and before anyone says, “but Dolly gave it her blessing!!!”: I don’t care.)

Jolene is about pain. It’s about fear and anguish, the humiliation of being robbed, of someone stealing into your home in the dead of night and leaving you alone. The begging, the pleading, is the point of the song. It’s why it’s so famous and beloved because there’s really no other song so honest about that kind of debasement. In taking all that out of it, it’s just another song about how gorgeous Beyoncé is, and crucially, given it’s a country album, a genre about truth: it’s not honest. She did vulnerability on Lemonade and maybe she’s moved past that, fine, whatever. Don’t cover the song then. Your country album doesn’t need Jolene if you can’t plead. And maybe Beyoncé can’t plead, because of who she is, and what she represents. That’s fine! But it’s not Jolene.

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Wait the “ahhhhs” on Bodyguard… is that Taylor?
This is what I thought when I asked earlier if it was someone else. It definitely sounds like Taylor and I would understand not crediting her name (atleast not yet). But also, it could just be someone who sounds a lot like her. Guess we’ll have to wait for the full credits.
I agree with Lila. Jolene sounds great but thematically it’s a misfire – the move in focus pulled me out of it. If she was going to shift the narrative, why not highlight the man’s weakness and disloyalty. It would’ve suited her. Someone earlier said it had Nasty Girl vibes and I agree – but I don’t see that as a positive thing tbh.

Anyway, Bodyguard is truly great and there’s lots of other stuff to love here. I prefer the first half which surprised me as from hearing the descriptions here I expected to love the second half more. While I can’t connect to all of it, and feel we could’ve had some editing here and there, I love how Beyoncé pushes boundaries, stretches herself and has fun while doing it. Her artistry is in no doubt.