Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

"RODEO" is the only name suggestion I've seen so far that hasn't made me break out in hives and even then I'm not sure she'd go that literal dd
I cannot get enough of the warmth in her vocals on Texas. I think it’s maybe a bit underwritten in lyrics but the melody feels like an old friend grabbing you by the hand. The ending which feels like bits of Rocket, that’s where it feels like she really puts her own stamp on the song.

Ah, I am so ready for this one as a man who was a bit too excited to be Cowboy Ken last year for Halloween.
Act II: Cunt Tree

We heard you the first time

I just have feelings, accept it and move on.

Anyway, looking forward to the album cover and official title announcement. Would love her to commercially successful with this, even though I don’t like it but she deserves every success she can get. I’m curious to see how US audience reacts to it. With everything that’s happening in Texas now, the song feels almost like a political statement.
God, I would kill for a full-fledged Rapyoncé album. Or an all-in rock album.

These 2 songs are not doing much for me at all (Texas Hold Em is particularly Nicole-Kidman-taste-test.gif), but I'm hoping some of you are right in predicting these are the equivalent to what Break My Soul was to Renaissance.
I don’t wanna be that gay but some of yall aren’t just getting it because you have no personal connection to the American south, country music, getting dragged to a line dance etc.

16 Carriages takes me back to the bluegrass festivals I’d go to with my mom as a kid and it’s easily one of Beyoncé’s top 10 ballads for me already. The sad reflection with twinges of hop, the lyrical tweaks cranking the emotion with each verse.

Texas has grown on me more and more all day, the subtleties in her vocals and how they stack more and more as the verses repeat till they’re demanding you start dancing and stepping with her, just to wrap it up in a vocal vow that’s giving Virgo’s Groove transition? This is deliciousness in the most straightforward way.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what the album itself has in store if these tracks are just our first taste.